Port Guigang City, North accelerate the revitalization of rural job creation with a demonstration

North Genzhu into the harbor town of Guigang rural revitalization of the demonstration zone, the eye is one of the busy construction scene, one after another, not far from unique style farmhouse nestled in the green leaves, micro-gardens around their houses, micro orchards, vegetable gardens micro up more gradually, forming a picture of harmony beautiful […]

Russia is a high quality recruitment

The Russian soldier waited for the vocational psychological test according to the Russian "News" report, at present, Russian autumn conscription work is in order. In this recruitment season, the Russian Defense Office officially adopted a career psychological selection system, and the effective screening of people with anti-social tendency and extremeist thinking, thereby effectively improving the […]

Yinchuan City will order an orderly open video and theater and other indoor public places and tourist scenic spots

People’s Network Yinchuan November 18th (Zhao Mo) on the morning of the 18th, the autonomous region shall be held in the 19th press conference of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Work Command. Zhao Xuhui, deputy secretary of the Yinchuan Municipal Committee, and Yinchuan City, Yinchuan City, said Zhao Xuhui, the commander of the Xinzhang Pneumonia […]

The development of urban circles is the first element of structural growth

Original title: 14th edition Theory Weekly From the perspective of production factors, China’s birth rate has dropped very obvious; the urban area, from the country, it has expanded very much; In the case where the monetary environment is relatively loose. Therefore, if China’s next economic growth relying on the accumulation of production factors, this kinetic […]

The deadline of the third college graduate entrepreneurial competition in that song is extended to the 21st

The entrant fills in the registration form.   On November 4, the Municipal People’s Government hosted by Naqu City, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Co-organized Base of College Graduates in College of Que City, the Tibet Daily Tibet Media Group hosted by the Tour of the Third College Graduate Entrepreneurship Competition start […]

[100 instant people say a hundred years] 1985, the adjustment of national defense strategy

  - This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Xinhuanet launched [100 instant a hundred years] series Party history micro classroom, with precious information and historical photos take you to relive the brilliance of the 100-year-old party. The sixty-year period was launched today. After the Third Plenary Session […]

This is the preface,Have a few writings in the back, their own ideas and detailed planning

Niu Niu took three four sheets of paper,A piece of care This point is good,But thinking is not enough。 this is not OK,It will definitely encounter a lot of trouble.,At this stage, you can’t reveal strength.,Not for unconsciously,Niu Niu sat on the table,Painted painting with special charcoal pen Combined with uncle’s ideas,Planning a new route […]

Di Di stretches your fingers to Shen Xuan,It’s very angry.。

And with the story of Di Di,For the current,How do these things going to handle?。 In fact, in the deep heart of Xiao Di,It’s even more jumper.。 all in all,These things,How to deal with it?。 In fact, Di Di,It is more expensive.。 Those guards around you,It’s all jumped.,Fast sweaters。 “Other things,It is nothing to say.,Instead, […]

NS378chapter I can’t sit still

(fPirate chapter!After half an hour, refresh again!) (fPirate chapter!After half an hour, refresh again!) (fPirate chapter!After half an hour, refresh again!) I found a station-free windshield,Outlook stage。 I can only see a big round ball in the distance.,Don’t say the guests on the stage.,Even the stage itself can’t see,It’s all the head of going to […]