Xia Jian thought of this,Suddenly a stride,Man has jumped on the bench,With the power of benches,He rises into the sky。As the saying goes, catch the thief first catch the king,He wants to clean up Sun Yao this time。

Xia Jian in the air,Like an eagle spreading its wings。And Sun Yao is like a chicken letting Xia Jian kill。But an unexpected scene happened,Just when Xia Jian reached out to grab Sun Yao’s shoulder。This guy suddenly stretched his right arm,One trick to wrap the wrist,Snap it on Xia Jian’s arm。 Xia Jian couldn’t help being […]

Feel Zhao Xiaoying’s eager gaze,Zhao Dabao gave Xiaoying a comforting smile,Mean everything has me。

Zhao Dabao was also pondering while listening to Zhang Ge’s narration,In terms of the current folk customs of Daxia Country,Although not as simple as the 70s,But overall it’s pretty good,This kind of gratitude and revenge rarely happen。 As a long-standing Daxia nation,Friendship、Morality has always been a beautiful character highly respected by the Daxia nation,And always […]

But I met the monk,The tip of the hand is shaking slightly,The internal energy in the veins of the whole body is surging,Twelve minutes of internal energy is poured into the golden bell from the fingertips。

no way,In the battle between Yin Qi and Dharma White Pearl,Under normal circumstances,Is to exert inner strength in the white beads of Dharma,Only then can the full power of the Dharma White Pearl be exerted。 But knowing the monk is only half a step,Even the level of the inner strength warrior has not reached,Don’t talk […]

joke,That dare to say without conscience,The appearance fee is not worth it?

This is not something you dare to dare,But the rich man who paid out the appearance fee can’t say it’s worthless without his conscience。 The rich people present have reached a consensus,Only center around Zhao Dazhen,Work together、Economic construction of the two cities、Make a contribution to the construction of spiritual civilization! It can be said,Sui、The rich […]

Chapter Two Hundred and Three seat

This is the entrance with all the commercial predators in Sui City,Face this young man,It is equal to facing the oppression of all commercial groups in Sui City。You said,Zhao Dabao now,Can it not produce a powerful aura?? While seeing Zhao Dabao,Jin Donglai, the leader of the chemical city, was also shocked.。 Empathy,If a political and […]

Everything from the Xue family is good,Only bad,Just like to show off。

Mai Fan thinks,People with real heritage,Which one is not hiding riches in life,This is probably the real reason why aristocrats look down on merchants。 Set a small goal first,such as1Seconds to remember:Book guest house ———— Chapter Two Hundred Seventy Four Test The Xue family got the case leader’s son and stabilized himself,The entire Xue family […]

“small”The hand is still that“small”hand,The softness is still the original softness,Even the temperature didn’t change at all,Still the same shape!

Over time,Qin Tiehui’s forehead is violent、Flushed,There is a slight fluctuation in the body,This is Qin Tiehui that inspired Quan’s inner strength and strength,There is no reservation。 at this moment,Qin Tiehui discovered,It turns out that Mr. Zhao is really unfathomable。 Unfathomable thoughts just came to mind,Qin Tiehui panicked himself。 At this moment, he thought of a […]

Exactly the same,In long hair men’s“hand”Haven’t said it yet。Zhao Dabao moved again,Silhouette flashes,As if Zhao Dabao didn’t leave the place where he stood for half a step。

But the long-haired man has risen into the sky,Accompanied by a long, heart-wrenching howl,Rolling,The blood in the mouth keeps squirting,But at the moment of landing,The howling stopped abruptly。 Lao Ba fell to the ground,Everyone basically didn’t see it clearly。But this time the long-haired man was beaten to the sky and landed,Everyone can see clearly,Some people […]

He knew that someone had brought three tickets for first-class seats,But got in the car alone,This person is the young man Zhao Dabao not far from him。

When checking the ticket before boarding,Zhao Dabao was picking up the ticket,Took them out。 It wasn’t Zhao Dabao intentionally,But after buying the ticket,Three tickets are put together。 Xia Guo in the nineties,Real-name train ticket system has not been implemented,So when buying a ticket,You can buy three tickets by yourself。 When the flight attendant Xiao Gao […]