2021 Prairie Monitoring and Evaluation of Prairie Monitoring in Barhiky

After adequate preparatory preparations, on August 7th, 2021 Prairie Monitoring and evaluation of the Prairie Monitoring and evaluation of the Urthart is officially launched. This grassland monitoring and evaluation is an important part of the national forest grass ecological comprehensively monitoring and evaluation. In July this year, the forestry law of the autonomous region is […]

Changsha Tianxin District Shuzi Street Street: Party Construction Integration and Promoting Old Reform, Five Projects Huizheng

The masses have entered into account for residents’ opinions. The unit is for the map of Changsha, December 13, 20021, as one of Changsha Pilot Community, Tianxin District Shuzi Street Street Qingshan Temple Community officially launched old community renovation, 58 houses, 2512 households, 10,000 square meters Area incorporated into the transformation. How to strive for […]

26 november, er is geen nieuwe Coronavirus-pneumonie in de provincie Guizhou en vermoedelijke gevallen

Op 0-24 november 26, 2021 was er geen nieuw gediagnosticeerd case in de provincie Guizhou, en er was geen nieuwe vermoedelijke zaak. Vanaf 24:00 uur op 26 november had de provincie Guizhou in totaal 158 gevallen van lokale bevestigde gevallen, 1 geval in de diagnose van overzeese, cumulatieve genezingsgevallen, 2 gevallen van overlijden. Er waren […]

Wang Huning: Seriously study "Xi Jinping Taoism Treatment of the Country" to promote the socialist thinking of Xi Jinping’s socialist socialist thinking and implementation

Video Source: CCTV Wang Huining emphasized serious learning "Xi Jinping Taoism" in "Xi Jinping Taoism Tour Guiguism" Volume 3 Conference Concerns to learn from Xi Jinping New Times Chinese Characteristics Socialist Thoughts and Propaganda and Important Xinhua News Agency Beijing 7 On the 29th of the 29th (Reporter Shi Sheng Men) "Xi Jinping Taoism" Volume […]

Siege former soldiers who have destroyed the team wrote a suicide note …… front trap array, such as iron Jian, Li Chun Shu red mark about the first set ⑦

After an independent group set up only six months, under the impetus and the influence of the Communist Party of China, the National Revolutionary Army in Guangzhou, pledging the Northern Expedition. Military when he was appointed head of the Communist Party of Guangdong District Zhou Enlai as an independent group off, except told them to […]