"00", "

  Original title: The strongest "00" won the world champion national hand, Shanxi guy Ding Hao won the championship on December 12, the first China Go International Hatsuyer closed. The chess pace is "exclusive" Shanxi chess, Dinghao, Zhongyou defeated "the first person in China" Ke Jie, and won the champion.   The first China Go International Hand […]

Qinghai measures and raises full protection of energy supply to ensure the warmth of the people

  Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the province’s heating season energy guarantee, making system arrangements deployment to ensure stable supply of so early spring energy this winter. On October 19th, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Qinghai Province is aimed at the recent […]

Yinjiang invests more than 1.45 million yuan to implement the comprehensive rectification of urinary floods in urban areas

In recent years, with the rapid development of the city in Yichuo County, the ground hardening rate has increased year by year. Some road sections have long, the design standard is low, and it is easy to cause part of the location, threatening the life and property of the public, in order to effectively eliminate […]

Shaanxi Ganchuan Ning Ning Nishi City Wenke Promotion Lanzhou held

Original title: Shaanxi Ganchuan Ning Ning Nishi City Wenxin Promotion held on October 13 in Lanzhou Cultural tourism representatives from Baoji, Weinan, Pingliang, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Guyuan, etc. Shaanxi Ganchuan Ning Ning neighboring mountain water is connected, similar, cultural, folk customs, and geographical position have the traffic convenient conditions of "Dongxiang West", "Nanji North", and has […]

The National Construction Theme Exhibition Opening the "Time of the Era"

  The newspaper Hong Kong October 25 (Reporter Chenglong) was opened by the Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong Zilian Office, China Construction Group, hosted by the China Construction Group, opened on the morning of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, a large number of batch Reflecting the results of the development of the country’s […]

Promoting the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in Fujian Province Investigation

Original title: Promoting the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping at Fujian Province In accordance with the unified deployment of the provincial party committee, Yin Li, Wang Ning, Cui Yuying and other provincial presidents, Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee, Provincial Government, the Provincial Political Consultative Conference Going to all set districts and the city […]

I can’t understand。

In his opinion,If you want to kill Jin Penghai in the summer,Whether it is sneaked in,Still is a big bright,Absolutely easy。 But he pockets a pocket banana in the big eating, what is going on?。 Just like his thoughts,Suddenly,A large group of people in the door of the nightclub。 These people are all expressless,Dull,Obviously the […]

At least there is a25Hurry?

Moreover,This original is a black corner,Now become white,So much,Not lost,Just! Self-comfort,Qingdao deer places a book on the counter,While drinking milk, I have opened the milk.:“This is a famous big lindle,Eighteen,The reason why this name is called,Is because of this corner,White chess only accounts for 18th,Look great,But actually only such a point。” “Talented eighteen mes?”The chin […]