“Be awkward!”

Three hoist open,The three flames were rolled out in it,These flames are blue,A kind of innocent,Loining is silent,Like the flame of the Buddha。 However, this flame is filled with a subtle texture.,These subtle textures are even if the saints cannot be perceived.,This texture is like a film of the abnormal placenta.。 “Nine flames!” Wu Zokian,Yin,Nanming […]

Passive talent skills2:“Begging along the street”,When the tramp picks up ammunition or other items,Probability to get doubled effect,And when the ammunition or other items are exhausted,There is a chance to get extra items from the backpack,This technique is closely related to the user’s lucky value attribute,Cooling time60second;

Active professional skills:“no way no money”,After using this technique, will be6Random direction within seconds,Empty all ammunition and props,The cooling time is150second。 ☆Wandering poet:Acquire active career skills1:“Sage narrative”,Get a whistle at the start,Blowing the whistle can continue to restore surrounding teammates15-20%Blood volume,This technique is closely related to the user’s lucky value attribute,The cooling time of this […]

There was a rustling sound of branches and leaves brought up by the clothes,Zhao Dabao knew someone was searching。

Squatting in the tree before being a monkey,Zhao Dabao has observed the late opening position,Is among the four major disciples,500 meters from where I am now。 Distance of five hundred meters,Even if the master of Ming Jin Consummation flies with all his strength,It takes ten seconds。 Ten seconds,Solve a master of inner strength,I didn’t hold […]

The big stars are moved like this,I don’t think of her as a friend,I’m too unhuman。Zhao Dabao thought so in his heart。

Seeing Zhao Dabao’s sincere attitude,Superstar Toria’s heart moved——what,Dabao lacks money,But I am not short of money。 As a big star in the show business,Donglia is worth hundreds of millions。 At this moment, Toria’s heart is full of sadness and touch,Look how pitiful Dabao is,Dressed like that since childhood。When I grow up,In order to make more […]

Yes,How could this farmer have so much money?

If he is rich,Won’t be so shabby。 Especially the recent conversations,Evasive transaction、Avoid suspicion of signing a contract。Didn’t you see that he always thought about it??Don’t talk about signing a contract with Wu Weiguang at all。 Watch the fun,Of course it’s not too big。 There is a twenty-something’Adidas‘The young man shouted impatiently: “I said,Buddies,Can you sign […]

But in official circles like Xuetai,,It’s not as simple as flat adjustment。

Provincial Taxation Administration,Although it is a key department with concentrated power,But it is only a provincial branch system。 But Sui City is different,That is a prefecture-level city of millions of people。If done well,The chairman of the city council of Sui city can directly enter the standing member of the provincial assembly,Then you can reach the […]

“Jie Ge?”Su Luo opened the door,Looking at Zhang Jie in surprise。</P>

</P> Zhang Jiedao:“right now,Most of the girls went to the practice room,Do you want to take a look at their practice?。”</P> </P> Su Luodao:“Jie Ge,So early today,are not you sleepy?”</P> </P> Zhang Jie shook his head,Tao:“I slept for eight hours。”</P> </P> Su Luo suddenly remembered,Seems to be the only one,Stay up late to write music,So […]

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</P> Subscribe,Ask for monthly pass</P> </P> Ask for monthly pass,Subscribe</P> </P> Important things three times!</P> </P> First101chapter Ask for monthly pass and subscription Recently, a message has quietly become popular on the Internet。</P> </P> Even boarded the hot search,The media broke,The largest domestic Axun video,Will unite with the industry’s top entertainment economic companies,Create a group […]

Stupid Fat Di,Learn from Su Luo,The green leaf holding the radish head,Pull out。</P>

</P> Want to rely on brute force,Pull the radish out,I never thought the radish would not move。</P> </P> “Click”</P> </P> A crisp sound,Reba pulled the carrot head off,Great strength,Made her fall backwards involuntarily。</P> </P> Fortunately, Su Luo is behind her,Blocked her,Not hurt。</P> </P> Su Luo watched this scene funny,Tao:“what are you doing?Tug of War?”</P> </P> […]