I can’t understand。

In his opinion,If you want to kill Jin Penghai in the summer,Whether it is sneaked in,Still is a big bright,Absolutely easy。 But he pockets a pocket banana in the big eating, what is going on?。 Just like his thoughts,Suddenly,A large group of people in the door of the nightclub。 These people are all expressless,Dull,Obviously the […]

At least there is a25Hurry?

Moreover,This original is a black corner,Now become white,So much,Not lost,Just! Self-comfort,Qingdao deer places a book on the counter,While drinking milk, I have opened the milk.:“This is a famous big lindle,Eighteen,The reason why this name is called,Is because of this corner,White chess only accounts for 18th,Look great,But actually only such a point。” “Talented eighteen mes?”The chin […]

Li Hui said with the wind.,Pick up a chopstick while picking up,Chopsticks fly out from Li Hui,Directly stamped。

Tragic,Other people in the room of fiercely scares are shameful。 The 285th chapter is going back A wooden chopsticks poked each other’s palm。 this moment,The inner heart is completely chilling。 Immediately no longer endure the pain of the body,Directly。 “Say,How much do you have before?,So you cooperate today.,I even want to handle the way,I don’t […]

Li Tianchou avoided the short man’s machete,Take advantage of the trend to drag Wang Yuanling behind,Unexpectedly, a big shovel on the side was photographed。Li Tianchou roared,Push Wang Yuanling away suddenly,I rolled around and avoided the shovel。

But two more men in black came over from behind,Go straight to Wang Yuanling,When Li Tianchou stood up, he was beyond reach。 Face two wicked men,Wang Yuanling’s legs are shaking,Can’t move,At this critical juncture,The man in black rushing in front suddenly screamed,Kneel down,A piece of flying brick hit this person’s back severely。A chubby windbreaker man […]

All over the world,After seeing this reward and the news,The reaction is also different。

Chamord Charlotte Lingling,That is the aunt,Looking at the news,Considering how to pull this new star thief。 Xiangks looked at the newspaper in his hand.,Continue to pick up the wine pot,Daddy’s drink。 White beards are similar to incense,Just evaluate a few words“good”,Continue to drink alcohol。 And the beasts look at the news,Out of disdainful eyes,It seems […]

Le Zhenxi:“”Looking at her because of shy and red,Le Zhenxi is very cute。

Dream soft, I dare n’t look at him.,The same shrinkage is hiding in the quilt。 “hehe”Le Zhenxi laughs,Don’t feel very happy。 Little woman looking at drilling into the quilt,How do he feel very cute?? have to say,He is very pleasant at this moment.。 “Okay,Don’t bold yourself,I won’t joke you.。” Le Zhenxi looked at her for […]

“Be awkward!”

Three hoist open,The three flames were rolled out in it,These flames are blue,A kind of innocent,Loining is silent,Like the flame of the Buddha。 However, this flame is filled with a subtle texture.,These subtle textures are even if the saints cannot be perceived.,This texture is like a film of the abnormal placenta.。 “Nine flames!” Wu Zokian,Yin,Nanming […]

Passive talent skills2:“Begging along the street”,When the tramp picks up ammunition or other items,Probability to get doubled effect,And when the ammunition or other items are exhausted,There is a chance to get extra items from the backpack,This technique is closely related to the user’s lucky value attribute,Cooling time60second;

Active professional skills:“no way no money”,After using this technique, will be6Random direction within seconds,Empty all ammunition and props,The cooling time is150second。 ☆Wandering poet:Acquire active career skills1:“Sage narrative”,Get a whistle at the start,Blowing the whistle can continue to restore surrounding teammates15-20%Blood volume,This technique is closely related to the user’s lucky value attribute,The cooling time of this […]

There was a rustling sound of branches and leaves brought up by the clothes,Zhao Dabao knew someone was searching。

Squatting in the tree before being a monkey,Zhao Dabao has observed the late opening position,Is among the four major disciples,500 meters from where I am now。 Distance of five hundred meters,Even if the master of Ming Jin Consummation flies with all his strength,It takes ten seconds。 Ten seconds,Solve a master of inner strength,I didn’t hold […]