Suddenly,Xu Meizhen’s painful exclaimed sounds outside。 Summer in the fierce battle,Continuously attacked the top ten legs,Go back。 I saw that the dagger of the enchanting woman was slid on the neck of Xu Meizhen.。 Although it is far from,But still can see her white neck left a shallow blood mark. Summer double-catching fire,Directly! Just when […]

“Yoha,Director Chen couldn’t bear it。OK,I don’t need to go upstairs,come,You came upstairs carrying a big box。”

Talking,Zhao Dabao raised his shoulders,I want to throw the big box of camphor wood on Chen Kun。 This sudden movement,But Chen Kun was shocked。 I rely on,Such a heavy camphor wood box,Skim down from the one and a half meters high steps,What a heavy weight?Don’t talk about me,Even the physical education teacher can’t catch it […]

Before coming to the sand table,Wu Weiguang, the deputy sales manager, did not introduce the multi-storey houses around the sand table.,But directly introduce the dozens of three-story villas in the center。

He is a stubborn migrant worker who wants to suffocate this wicked god-stick。 Didn’t you pretend to buy a house??it is good,I will introduce the villa directly,See what you do? If you say you don’t want to buy a villa,Want to see a bungalow for other reasons,I’ll tell you that the bungalow is basically booked,The […]

Don’t say that Master Jianyi is cold-blooded,As a cultivator,Especially the masters of magic,Cruel、Indifferent、decision、Strong personality is a necessary condition,This was instilled by the teacher when they started practicing。

———— Chapter One Hundred and Fifty One disagree?Pinch your nose to agree Whether it is a celestial star,Still earth star,The general principle of cultivation is to cut off any emotion,In order to stay as hard as steel,Not be disturbed by foreign demons。 But there are general,There will be exceptions,Zhao Dabao, who is practicing Taoist Qixue, […]


A girl with long hair in a shawl came out,Body size。</P> </P> Su Luo opened the mouth:“Singing and dancing,TotalbattleTwo rounds,let’s start。”</P> </P> The voice falls,The two women started performing。Maybe because of eleven cards,For the reason I was chosen。</P> </P> Li Ziting obviously didn’t play well,Too much pressure,Inferior in the end,Lost to Reina,Had to goBclass。</P> </P> […]

According to the practice of the celestial star cultivation world,One method as long as it is suitable for the Mingjin stage,Then the same applies to Anjin、Acquired stage。

Because of Ming Jin、Dark energy、The day after tomorrow belongs to the same basic stage of the cultivation world。 And congenital qi training、Foundation、Jin Dan belongs to the immortal level after the broken void。 As for Yuan Ying、Fit、Mahayana,Except for some records on the Nine Revolutions Profound Art,The others are legends,No one knows whether it is successful。 Compared […]

So know、Brother Liakong, do you think Hou Tian Da is really good??

Of course awesome。 But if it is as described in Shimen ancient books,They really don’t believe it。 But it’s different now,I saw these two giant black and white spheres made by Zhao Dazhen,They really believe in the ancient records of Shimen.,Landslide、House collapsed。 Shocked,Amazed,Just know、Brother Likong didn’t worry in his heart,Or the idea of escaping the […]

He can walk horizontally and vertically on the earth and stars,But to the sky star,Into the vast planetary cultivation system,He’s nothing。

Practicing Nine Ranks Profound Art,Not only did Zhao Dabao improve his living space,Also opened up his vision space。 Let Zhao Dabao know about the nine-turn profound art,Beyond Earth,Beyond the celestial planet,There is one more dazzling、A more brilliant practice world。 It’s just that these things are too far away from him,With the character of this kid […]

So Zhao Dabao is going to be busy after this time,He will study the escape technique,To be truly invincible on the planet Earth。

In this case,once、In case you run into a real person who cannot be beaten,Let’stmOiled the soles of his feet and ran without a trace。I want to catch up with me, Zhao Dabao,No door。 For this,Zhao Dabao has extremely firm confidence。 I think about this too,100% of the robbery must be carried out,Now that I discovered […]