Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake

Chapter 785 Best mirror Shi Shiji feels the silent threat of Chen You,Understand that he will bring yourself,Suddenly、Head sweat…… One lost, thousands of people、One lost, thousands of people! Shi Shiji,I have to stand out.…… Chu Dee,I have to satirize on the spot.:“White length,I first……” At the beginning, Aizhu fell into Shi Shi.,But I only got […]

“It doesn’t matter,I will ask Li Tan again。”The teenager did not pay attention to the reason why the Golden Crow returned to Lieyang Palace,Also understand each other’s difficulties,For whatever reason,The Golden Crow and the Ancient God are already strangers,It went back rashly after being seriously injured,Must be dangerous。

After consulting the Golden Crow Sacred Palace for some procedures to restore the Holy Fire Temple,The boy called Yi、Credit to the two elders,Explained things in the island,And get ready to move immediately,All major issues follow Golden Crow’s arrangements,The boy got up and left,Go straight to Donghua Island。 After the collapse and destruction of Wongtee Island,Li […]

A long while,Yao Chunni opened the concealed door,She leaned out and whispered:“I don’t want your stuff,You are too bad,Not at ease with me”

Yao Chunni may be sleeping,She wore only a thin short shirt on her upper body,Maybe the clothes are a bit small,Her tall chest pushed her blouse to the top。 She is wearing shorts that are short above the knee,Two white legs exposed under the shorts,Wang Youcai’s eyes are almost growing。He can’t figure it out,Yao Chunni […]

“In fact, some things you can talk to your grandmother.!look at you,Wrinkled frown sitting in that afternoon。I don’t come to find a lot of milk and say it.!If you can give you an idea?!Little age is in your heart.!”

Su Grandma finally said in his heart.。From small to large,I feel that my granddaughter has no idea.,I have been in my heart。Every day, the most doing things are sitting。 “Milk,I just think that I am raising, I don’t eat those chickens.!No other things!” NS100chapter Paper “Um,Nothing!I see that you raise a big one.,Those chicks may […]

Hu Huiru asked even more without understanding:“Why i slapped you in the face?“

“Was the contract signed by the two of us??This cooperation period has not expired,You just want to break the contract,You are not hitting me in the face,That’s hitting yourself in the face?“That’s it for Xia Jian,Smile。 Hu Huiru never thought,Xia Jian went around or let her in。But things got to this point,She has no retreat。If […]

“of course,You can also check it slowly based on his traces,It is possible to find those treasures—But definitely not worth。”Lu Ge Chaos Fairy shook his head,“Forget it,Come back to the country with me。”

———————————————- At the same time,Li Ming’s avatars all sensed the disappearance of the avatar。 “Man has gone,The Lord of the Cangxue Kingdom should not send anyone to chase me,In that case。。” The clone carrying the Qifang Chaos Spirit Liquid,Eyes bright,Still keep a low profile。 When appearing in a chaotic world half a day later,He entered […]

mof,At the beginning of the party,Vermillion ignores me。mof,I admit,After all, Zhu Hong, the little girl, wants capital,Have capital;Look,Have looks!

but now,youtmOf a farmer,Just an ordinary farmer! Although he is a farmer who grows medicine,But in the end it is also a farmer! youtmWhat qualifications do you have to despise me?What right do you have to ignore me? ItmIs also a rich man,Oh,wrong,Haven’t taken over yet。 Even if not taking over,But I am also a […]

Ok,It’s still possible。

Underworld Overlord,At least it must be the existence of the overlord of the provincial level。otherwise,The town can’t live with Wu Bushou who is comparable to the boss of the secret road in Sui City。 No matter what kind of hypothesis,This pretending young man is not something we onlookers can provoke。 Thought of here,The original contempt […]

I didn’t believe it then,But when I learnt what kind of character Baichuan is leaning on,I have such high confidence。Why am I so eager to announce this,I just want to hug Dazhen Zhao’s thigh tightly。

I just want to let Dazhen Zhao know,As long as you don’t dislike me, Youshi Transportation Group,Then, the future and future of my Youshi Transportation Group,It’s all in your hands, Dazhen Zhao。 If Dazhen Zhao learns about my move,Would he not be moved?Will you stay still?After that, the development of the Youshi Transportation Group,Where else […]