The Hong Kong Force Exhibition Center has become a "second historical class" of Hong Kong youth.

  [Explanation] Recently, nearly 100 teachers and students from Hong Kong’s "Future Star" class, the "Future Star" class, visited the PLA Station Force Exhibition Center, and spent one under the influence of historical culture. Meaningful weekend.   [Interpretation] Teachers and students will conduct visits, general sequences, China Dream Exhibition Hall, strong military dreams hall, Xiangjiang Guardian Exhibition […]

Shanxi 2 billion yuan credit size supports leisure agricultural rural tourism

Recently, the Provincial Agricultural Rural Hall and the Shanxi Branch of China Agricultural Bank jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening Financial Support Leisure Agriculture and Country Tourism Development" will "provide special credit products, arrange special credit size, promote diverse guarantee methods, optimization Six ways of credit delivery conditions, implementation of preferential interest rates and rates, […]

The new national standard power package "green up" (People Commentary)

  Food and cosmetics released new national standard, will help guide green production and consumption, but also conducive to effective supervision Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, moon cake selling. In recent years, practice strict economy and combat waste of social atmosphere, luxury moon cake packaging, the phenomenon of extravagance and waste a lot less, but consolidate control results, […]

She has already contacted it.。

She knows the “Ou Jing”,If the plane is quickly found by him。 She chooses to take a boat,And don’t show the kind of identity card,This is a ship she knows.,Can take her direct destination。 Wait until Ou Jing, after coming out of the bathroom,Deluxe domineering rooms are empty,Looking at the messy bed,He got the past […]

“I just give you a chance.,Nor isn’t it to open the door for you?,Can you enter the Luke Group?,Still look at your strength,Lu Group does not raise idlers,Everything relies on strength。”

As long as her work can receive the Rut Group’s recognition,Opportunities can be equally competitive。 “lady,I know,Lady gave me this opportunity,I won’t live up to the hopes of the lady.。” The girl laughs and looked at Blue Xin.。 Lan Xin nodded:“What’s your name?” “lady,My name is Lin Xiwei。” “it is good!Then you go back to […]

They are not older.,It is more than 30 years old,But the brothers’ combat power reached the peak of the sky.。

Especially Herbal Leopard,I have already touched the threshold of God level,It is a powerful heir to several rights positions in the three-part forever.。 See the brother,He Tiger is naturally not watching,Follow。 only He just rushed out two steps,I heard a sulking。 I saw the fist of the Hao Leopard.。 “Click!” Summer five finger,A grip,Silent in […]