Xiaofeng Xian, smile。

Others say she will not imagine.,Just as a polite language,But if the other party is the words of Lin,She has to go to other places.。 “Gamble?” Xiao Feng Xian invited: “Just give you the wind and washing。” “do not。” Forest sounds did not want to reject directly。 He prefer to nurse, etc. Simple and simple […]

Liu Qingqing laughs。

Be a laughter。 Toned,Also,“Then I can understand it,Your ability is not good.,I wore a green hat by my boyfriend?” 嘎? Green……Green hat? The audience is quiet.。 Quiet to the extreme。 Almost everyone’s face has been surprising,Stunned,Extremely intense。 If the martial arts is said,Is based on everyone does not understand him。 But Liu Qingqing is different.。 […]


Chapter 63 The Pirate King Shangshu Xiang Zhong of the Ministry of War, upon seeing this, punished the archivist,Liu Daxia, who was by the side, said:“Three guarantees to the west cost tens of millions,Soldiers and civilians die,Go back,Yu Guo He Yi!This special policy,The Minister’s Admonishment。The old case exists,Should also be braised to uproot,Why should it […]

Speaking of here,The agent took a deep look at Zhao Dabao in summer.,Meaningful!

Zhao Dabao’s understanding of himself,Is it better than summer、Toria?? I took a look at the deep eyes of summer,Zhao Dabao slapped his forehead: “Xia Ge,What you said is insignificant,Does it mean something long like me?” Listening to Zhao Dabao’s deep understanding,Xia Xia patted Zhao Dabao on the shoulder with encouragement.: “Dabao,You work hard,not bad。” When […]

Left hand lightly,A vaguely white palm,In Unreal, it has been fanned to the right face of Dagui Baonian。

Haven’t waited for the big ghost Bao Nian to respond,“Snapped”A crisp sound,The sturdy body of the big ghost has been pulled out,Tumbled to the side of a rockery。 “Inwardly and outwardly!” Two ghosts、The three ghosts shouted in horror at the same time。 “A mere half-step inner strength warrior,Dare to question me face to face,Who gave […]

“Old east,Do you have any more requests?”

Seeing the daughter-in-law’s smile,Donglai can’t hold it anymore,“Puff”Laugh out loud: “Haha,daughter in law,Don’t hold back,Seeing scared the two kids。Leah、Dabao,You two don’t blame me,This is your mother’s idea,I said I’m going to get you off,The province is not filial。Hahaha,Killing me。” Listening to my wife’s words of surrender,Chen Xuemei can’t hold it anymore: “Old east,Really,Finally performing,Why are […]

Listen to the statements of the original direct line,Wang Zhihui’s face is pale,There is no longer the style of leadership that used to strategize。

Originally meticulous、Unusually flat head shape,How does it look like a chicken coop now,And it’s a chicken coop destroyed by strong winds,Embarrassed。 ———— Chapter Two Hundred and Eleven what happened? Wang Zhihui knows,This war without gunpowder,He was defeated too much。It can be said,Him now,The only one who loses is a pant to cover up,Which is his […]

“How about this,Since Master Jianyi’s magic weapon is damaged,I have a pill,Gift Master,Counted as my apology。”

Talking,Finger flick,A dark green jade bottle appeared in front of Master Jian Yi。 Facing the dark green jade bottle that emerged out of thin air,Master Jian Yi was slightly surprised,But haven’t been scared yet。 For this kind of thing that appeared out of nowhere,Master Jian Yi as a cultivator knows,This can only be done by […]

Since you showed a poor**wire、The image of petty citizens,That makes others look down on、contempt,Not a normal thing。

But it’s the initiator,alsotm Pretend、The evil taste of slap。so,Zhao Dabao was definitely while traveling,I got my brain out of trouble。 The greetings are also greetings,Enrollment procedures will be completed immediately,As Deputy Director of the Department of Economics and Management Chen Kun,Enthusiastically personally lead Zhao Min’s mother and daughter to the girls’ dormitory,Arrange a dormitory for […]