She has already contacted it.。

She knows the “Ou Jing”,If the plane is quickly found by him。 She chooses to take a boat,And don’t show the kind of identity card,This is a ship she knows.,Can take her direct destination。 Wait until Ou Jing, after coming out of the bathroom,Deluxe domineering rooms are empty,Looking at the messy bed,He got the past […]

“I just give you a chance.,Nor isn’t it to open the door for you?,Can you enter the Luke Group?,Still look at your strength,Lu Group does not raise idlers,Everything relies on strength。”

As long as her work can receive the Rut Group’s recognition,Opportunities can be equally competitive。 “lady,I know,Lady gave me this opportunity,I won’t live up to the hopes of the lady.。” The girl laughs and looked at Blue Xin.。 Lan Xin nodded:“What’s your name?” “lady,My name is Lin Xiwei。” “it is good!Then you go back to […]

They are not older.,It is more than 30 years old,But the brothers’ combat power reached the peak of the sky.。

Especially Herbal Leopard,I have already touched the threshold of God level,It is a powerful heir to several rights positions in the three-part forever.。 See the brother,He Tiger is naturally not watching,Follow。 only He just rushed out two steps,I heard a sulking。 I saw the fist of the Hao Leopard.。 “Click!” Summer five finger,A grip,Silent in […]

He suddenly turned,Staring with knife, etc.,One word a cold drink,“Islander,Sickness,it is good,very good!”

Bamboo。 One is like the residual shadow of electric light,With a swallow, a few flashes flashed.。 “Hen!” One of them high tiger,It was broken by a cold man.。 Blood splash。 The body will fall in half of the air,Fiercely land,Layer layer dust。 嗖嗖 嗖嗖。 The rest have not hesitated at all.,Available,The figure is even more […]


The other person sneered:“Ding Lao Er,You can’t cultivate yourself,Usually only use silver needles。It doesn’t work now,Just want to join us,Why didn’t you agree to join forces when you grabbed power?!” Hu Luze also said:“But a mortal in his twenties,I don’t believe how powerful it is!” Ding Lao Er sees that they are not willing to […]

Did not ask deeply,Did not ask,In fact, compared to a new student soldier who violated military discipline,The gains of the abyss fault are too great,The officers didn’t care if Li Hongyan lied,Just find someone,They don’t have time to care about others。

The work of sorting out the harvest naturally falls on the two veterans,They are stronger than professionals in this respect,Collapsing,Parcel sticker,Paste them one by one,Pack it into a backpack,You Xiuxiu and a few people carry on the journey。 Gan Yifan really wants to stay,It’s just that it’s no better than before,Before Li Hongyan could stay […]

Xiaofeng Xian, smile。

Others say she will not imagine.,Just as a polite language,But if the other party is the words of Lin,She has to go to other places.。 “Gamble?” Xiao Feng Xian invited: “Just give you the wind and washing。” “do not。” Forest sounds did not want to reject directly。 He prefer to nurse, etc. Simple and simple […]

Liu Qingqing laughs。

Be a laughter。 Toned,Also,“Then I can understand it,Your ability is not good.,I wore a green hat by my boyfriend?” 嘎? Green……Green hat? The audience is quiet.。 Quiet to the extreme。 Almost everyone’s face has been surprising,Stunned,Extremely intense。 If the martial arts is said,Is based on everyone does not understand him。 But Liu Qingqing is different.。 […]


Chapter 63 The Pirate King Shangshu Xiang Zhong of the Ministry of War, upon seeing this, punished the archivist,Liu Daxia, who was by the side, said:“Three guarantees to the west cost tens of millions,Soldiers and civilians die,Go back,Yu Guo He Yi!This special policy,The Minister’s Admonishment。The old case exists,Should also be braised to uproot,Why should it […]