Busy in the city these days,He’s really tired。He usually sleeps with the TV to accompany him to sleep,This time he didn’t do it,But turned off all the lights in the room,He wants to force himself to sleep。But tired,Not forced at all,In a while,Wang Youcai fell asleep。

Fire in Wang Youcai’s room,There are electric blankets on the bed。So even though it is the twelfth lunar month,,But he doesn’t feel cold in his room。 In a daze,Wang Youcai in his sleep feels cold,Then there was a bunch of soft,And something very cold clung to him。 Wang Youcai woke up in shock,He immediately understood […]


Cheerful voice,A few high-ranked sounds,Three women coma in bed,Three middle-aged monk showed satisfactory color。 These three monks from the lama from the Western region。 The first lama is obese,Face with evil smile,This person is named,The second lama is medium,Obesity,With solemn color,This lama name is the law,The third lama face with a knife,There is a kind […]

After a brief introduction,Zhao Dabao followed the man in the suit to the corner of the coffee bar。

Casual coffee bar in the service area,Not many people,In twos and threes in a huge space。 Like this casual coffee bar in the service area,In addition to coffee and other drinks,Also provide some light meals,A bit like McDonald’s in a big city、KFC。 When walking to the high-backed chair in the corner,Zhao Dabao was taken aback。 […]

Pretend,mof,I just pretend to be big,Let the ghosts of the underworld take a look,Look at me, my belly hit the wooden fish。

Thought of here,I was a little lonely pretending to be thunderous,It’s actually much better。 Self-happy,I’m a little self-affirmed for the decision I made,I’m sure I’m pretending to be too correct。 If not forcing,Can you meet the rare opportunity of hitting a Buddhist artifact with a ghost belly?? but,Thoughts are full,Reality is skinny。 Haven’t waited for […]

An acquired real person came to hit the place,How to resist a martial artist with great inner strength?

Even if all the forces of Juyuan Casino are brought together,Can’t stop a finger of the acquired real person。 Only one now“endure”word,Only forbearance,Only forbearance,To solve the problem before。 As the saying goes,Stay in the green hills,Not afraid of no firewood,We have taken down this grudge,It must be a hundred times later、A thousand times to find […]

Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Gambling money?

I heard Zhao Dabao’s defense,The patrol leader Qian opened his eyes and smiled: “it is good,Since you want evidence,I will give you evidence。Xiao Zhang、Xiao Li,Go up and search,Find out gambling money。” With the order of the patrol leader,Two costumed patrols are going forward。 “Wait,Wait。”Zhao Dabao reached out and stopped Xiao Zhang、Xiao Li’s actions。 “police officer,Since […]

Or it’s just men and women hugging each other,The light spring is boundless。

More music,Properly catch the prostitution scene。 but,But,The scene now is completely as imagined、Different experiences。 Yes,There are men and women in the room,Also has an expression of consternation。Although everyone is in the mirror,This expression is real,But there are also fake。 but,The other scenes did not reappear。 I saw this man and woman sitting on the bed […]

Wait until they want to be reasonable、When playing intelligence,But you gave people a super powerful force that crushes everything,The gangster didn’t play like this, right?

Gangsters can martial arts,No one can stop! The issue is,The peasant hooligan in front of me and the wicked Zhao Dabao,But Ming Jin is a real master。 This is still Jian Yizheng and others,I don’t know Zhao Dabao’s true cultivation level。 If you really know the gangster in front of you,Not only Ming Jin Master,But […]

A kind reminder to security guard Xiao Li,Chen Kun, deputy director of the Department of Economics and Management, gave a look of relief and thanks。

Chen Kun had a wrong understanding at this time,What he thought Xiao Li said,And reminding eyes,It means that the freshman who is reporting has a background,Or even a family member of a big leader。 After Zhao Dabao put down the big box of camphor wood,Chen Kun’s idea is more determined。 When the big box of […]


andFclass,The overall blue style is the benchmark,A lot of dormitories,But equally dreamy。</P> </P> andAClass arrivesFclass,Which canceledE,For some reason。</P> </P> A total of five classes,Distinguish by color,ABan’s clothing is pink,BClass is yellow,CClass is purple,DClass is green,FClass is gray,Graded。</P> </P> at this time,AClass dormitory。Mei Qi sat there blankly,Don’t organize their own things。</P> </P> Yamycome over,Sit beside her,Tao:“Miki,what […]