Gradually,Unconsciously, the meaning of Tao began to diffuse gradually。

At the moment of full enlightenment,Li Ming sees chaos prohibition,Faintly feel a‘Transform’Operating rules。 Among the five elements,Fire soil,Aquatic Wood。 Li Ming directly uses mana,Forming chaos around the sixth change,Surrounded by fire and water。 Gradually,Flame goes out,The earth appears to be sintered。 At the moment when the earth completely condenses,Li Mingzhihai shocked slightly,Comprehend the earth and […]

Lin Zhonghu’s pupil,Some incredible。

Chapter 128, Lin Zhonghu,You can’t escape See here,At this moment,Shen Xuan’s face is full of faint laughs。 For Shen Xuan,Now,This scene in front of you,It’s even more self-knowledge.。 “Humph,Lin Zhonghu,Let’s take it.。” “today,You can’t escape!” Shen Xuan’s words exported,Just like suddenly a slap,Pulling this side。 Even if Lin Zhonghu is prepared before,Now,It is also a […]

“This is very good.,My big sister has been aliasing him.。”

“correct,I also got to find his biological father.,Is the Shanghai underground group leader Li Shu,But I haven’t told him yet.,Waiting for you to have a chance you tell him。”Qi Rui knows the father of the mirror and the bright building.。 “Li Shu is his father!It’s really good!Terrace is right.!”This is obviously a comrade,This is the […]

Said that Xu Ruyi took a small bag,Stepping on the high-hearted village。

Li Hui, thinking of Jiang Hao’s question,I am still not at ease.。 “Sister,You first wait for me。” “how? Still?” I saw that Li Hui rose again.,Xu Ruzhen’s Wicker Can’t help but wrinkle。 “Hey-hey,Are you still in danger now??” “Oh,You are saying that my girlfriend is?” Said Xu Ruzhen pulled out the phone,Then handle Li Hui。 […]


First0577chapter Female fairy “You should drink less!It’s not good for the wound“Afei was interested when he saw Xia Jianlai,He deliberately laughed and said。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“Nothing,Such a delicious dish,I’m really sorry if you don’t drink two glasses“This wine is here,What’s the wound,But this is a bit high-sounding。 A bottle of red wine reached […]

In fact, she is also very worried about himself.,The blood on her arm is still not stopped.。

She all feel the speed of blood flow,At this moment, she is even more dizzy.。 Lu Haocheng is not saying?,I got up and saw a few people around.,Several men played forward,Also prepared to save people together。 Lu Haocheng looked at them,Watching with praying,“Allocate,Help,My wife is below。” Several men nodded,Everyone started to take the bill of […]

Summer puts on mobile phone,“I want to call the emperor,Originate,Table,Entangled。”

Lingering your sister! Luo Qianjin can’t wait to die before this bastard,Priority,First take the phone back and say。 Now,She rises red face,Upper body,Slowly close to the opposite summer。 immediately……She slowly laughed。 That exquisite doll face,Like melting,More like being spoiled with adults,On the side of the eye,Sideways open。 “Good brother……” Sound is crisp,Fierce,Don’t have a taste。 […]

Busy in the city these days,He’s really tired。He usually sleeps with the TV to accompany him to sleep,This time he didn’t do it,But turned off all the lights in the room,He wants to force himself to sleep。But tired,Not forced at all,In a while,Wang Youcai fell asleep。

Fire in Wang Youcai’s room,There are electric blankets on the bed。So even though it is the twelfth lunar month,,But he doesn’t feel cold in his room。 In a daze,Wang Youcai in his sleep feels cold,Then there was a bunch of soft,And something very cold clung to him。 Wang Youcai woke up in shock,He immediately understood […]


Cheerful voice,A few high-ranked sounds,Three women coma in bed,Three middle-aged monk showed satisfactory color。 These three monks from the lama from the Western region。 The first lama is obese,Face with evil smile,This person is named,The second lama is medium,Obesity,With solemn color,This lama name is the law,The third lama face with a knife,There is a kind […]

After a brief introduction,Zhao Dabao followed the man in the suit to the corner of the coffee bar。

Casual coffee bar in the service area,Not many people,In twos and threes in a huge space。 Like this casual coffee bar in the service area,In addition to coffee and other drinks,Also provide some light meals,A bit like McDonald’s in a big city、KFC。 When walking to the high-backed chair in the corner,Zhao Dabao was taken aback。 […]