Passive talent skills2:“Begging along the street”,When the tramp picks up ammunition or other items,Probability to get doubled effect,And when the ammunition or other items are exhausted,There is a chance to get extra items from the backpack,This technique is closely related to the user’s lucky value attribute,Cooling time60second;

Active professional skills:“no way no money”,After using this technique, will be6Random direction within seconds,Empty all ammunition and props,The cooling time is150second。 ☆Wandering poet:Acquire active career skills1:“Sage narrative”,Get a whistle at the start,Blowing the whistle can continue to restore surrounding teammates15-20%Blood volume,This technique is closely related to the user’s lucky value attribute,The cooling time of this […]

Liu Qingqing laughs。

Be a laughter。 Toned,Also,“Then I can understand it,Your ability is not good.,I wore a green hat by my boyfriend?” 嘎? Green……Green hat? The audience is quiet.。 Quiet to the extreme。 Almost everyone’s face has been surprising,Stunned,Extremely intense。 If the martial arts is said,Is based on everyone does not understand him。 But Liu Qingqing is different.。 […]

I remembered Mr. Hu。

Hu’s subsidiary company,Also has a pharmaceutical business! “You should go back to the hospital……I’ll change my career!” Fang Deyun lightly sighed。 “Dad……I can go to Mr. Hu。Maybe he can help us!”Fang Yu said。 “President Hu……This is ok!but,Really can?” Fang Deyun looked at his son uncertainly。 In his eyes is still a child’s son,Grown up! “Do […]

Xia Jian thought of this,Suddenly a stride,Man has jumped on the bench,With the power of benches,He rises into the sky。As the saying goes, catch the thief first catch the king,He wants to clean up Sun Yao this time。

Xia Jian in the air,Like an eagle spreading its wings。And Sun Yao is like a chicken letting Xia Jian kill。But an unexpected scene happened,Just when Xia Jian reached out to grab Sun Yao’s shoulder。This guy suddenly stretched his right arm,One trick to wrap the wrist,Snap it on Xia Jian’s arm。 Xia Jian couldn’t help being […]


Cheerful voice,A few high-ranked sounds,Three women coma in bed,Three middle-aged monk showed satisfactory color。 These three monks from the lama from the Western region。 The first lama is obese,Face with evil smile,This person is named,The second lama is medium,Obesity,With solemn color,This lama name is the law,The third lama face with a knife,There is a kind […]

There was a rustling sound of branches and leaves brought up by the clothes,Zhao Dabao knew someone was searching。

Squatting in the tree before being a monkey,Zhao Dabao has observed the late opening position,Is among the four major disciples,500 meters from where I am now。 Distance of five hundred meters,Even if the master of Ming Jin Consummation flies with all his strength,It takes ten seconds。 Ten seconds,Solve a master of inner strength,I didn’t hold […]

“Yoha,Director Chen couldn’t bear it。OK,I don’t need to go upstairs,come,You came upstairs carrying a big box。”

Talking,Zhao Dabao raised his shoulders,I want to throw the big box of camphor wood on Chen Kun。 This sudden movement,But Chen Kun was shocked。 I rely on,Such a heavy camphor wood box,Skim down from the one and a half meters high steps,What a heavy weight?Don’t talk about me,Even the physical education teacher can’t catch it […]

After a brief introduction,Zhao Dabao followed the man in the suit to the corner of the coffee bar。

Casual coffee bar in the service area,Not many people,In twos and threes in a huge space。 Like this casual coffee bar in the service area,In addition to coffee and other drinks,Also provide some light meals,A bit like McDonald’s in a big city、KFC。 When walking to the high-backed chair in the corner,Zhao Dabao was taken aback。 […]


Chapter 63 The Pirate King Shangshu Xiang Zhong of the Ministry of War, upon seeing this, punished the archivist,Liu Daxia, who was by the side, said:“Three guarantees to the west cost tens of millions,Soldiers and civilians die,Go back,Yu Guo He Yi!This special policy,The Minister’s Admonishment。The old case exists,Should also be braised to uproot,Why should it […]

The demigod led people to spread the search in the forest,They are playing carpet search,Search in groups of three,The dense crowd immediately formed a long winding line,Step by step,Comb the forest like a comb。

Watching them move forward,The boss laughed softly:“These fools are so stupid,Actually send a reaper out to find us,So many people come out to make trouble,When will this be searched?!” Finished saying this,Big guy beckoned to me:“Let’s go quickly,Wait for this stupidBSlowly。” Use grass blades to cover,Our cat keeps sneaking,I quickly separated from the searchers behind,Thinking […]