Shen Xiaoming visited and reported the eighth party congress media worker

  On April 28, Shen Xiaoming and Feng Fei visited the media workers who participated in the eighth party congress report. Shen Xiaoming and his party went to the media work area, all media centers, studio, and other places in the Party School of the Provincial Party Committee and Hainan Plaza to communicate with journalists. agree.

  Shen Xiaoming said that the eighth party congress of the province is a major event in the political life of the people in the province. It requires the media to vigorously publicize and report, so that the voice of the party congress will spread deeper and more wider.

It is hoped that the majority of the media will play the director to promote the cordial care of the Party Central Committee and Xi Jinping’s cordial care about Hainan, report the historic achievements of the people’s unity and struggle in the past five years, and interpret the blueprint for the next five years depicted by the conference. The people of the province take the Eighth Party Congress as the new starting point, emancipate their minds, pioneer innovation, unite, and overcome difficulties, and contribute to accelerating the construction of a free trade port with world influence.

  Li Jun, Xiao Yingzi, and Sun Dahai participated in visits.

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