Fine new journey to build a new era 丨 Red Town Today Butterfly Change

In September 1927, the Autumn Harvest Uprising Force was a division in Wenjia Town.

Nowadays, the teachers have become the demonstration area of ??the rural revitalization, the red town today butterfly changes ■ PLA reporter Chen Dianhong special reporter Chen Jing above: In the autumn harvest uprising square, the large -scale sculpture of the "glorious starting point" shines under the sun.

Chen Jing listened to the red story, revisited the oath of the party, and the former site of the tourist … came to Wenjia Town, Wanyang City, Hunan Province in the northern foot of the Luoxiao Mountains.

"In the autumn harvest season, the twilight was sad, and the Perak riots.

"In 1927, Mao Zedong led the Chinese Workers and Peasants Revolutionary Army to launch a autumn uprising on the border of the Hunan and Jiangxi border, igniting the star fire of the Chinese revolution.

In the sun in the spring, the large -scale sculpture of the "Glorious Starting Point" was shining on the autumn uprising square in Wenjia Town.

Today’s town of Wenjia has become a well -known "100 million yuan town" and a demonstration zone of rural revitalization. The "Star Fire" mouse pad, the "glorious starting point" pen holder, the image of the soldier image of the small soldier … Entering the "Qiu Harch of Wenjia City" in the southwest corner of the autumn harvest uprising square, tourists are attracted by a variety of cultural and creative products. Among the many cultural and creative products, a board chestnut cake is popular. "In 1917, Mao Zedong planted two chestnut trees in Wenjia Town.

We combined this past with the characteristic oil cakes of Wenjia Town, and launched chestnut cakes, which can sell 300 boxes a day. "The person in charge of the store told reporters that they used non -genetic techniques such as Xia Bu, oil paper umbrella, and carbon carving to develop cultural and creative products, and incorporated red culture into it, and developed" Red Army Meal "and other products to drive the development of the village’s collective economy. Through development Red cultural and creative products, creating "one village, one product" characteristic agricultural products, the sales channels for agricultural and sideline products in Wenjia Town have greatly expanded, and the agricultural industry increases by millions of yuan each year. Near lunch, the clerks of the Red rice farm are busy.

Peng Yu, a post -90s young man who returned to his hometown, told reporters that customers who came here have a soft spot for the "Red Army Meal" (red rice rice, pumpkin soup).

"We launch a series of" Red Army Meals ", the purpose is to let tourists cherish the hard -won happy life through the past and the past." Peng Yu said.

In 2021, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Overall Plan for the Construction of the Local Cooperation Demonstration Zone of the Hunan and Jiangxi Border Region" to clearly promote the inheritance of red cultural inheritance. With this Dongfeng, Wenjia Town has deeply dug red resources to build a militia training base, red research travel base, cadre education and training reception center, and red cultural and creative product research and development center. "Children usually work abroad, and the idle houses can be provided to study students." Zhang Meizhen, a villager in Wenjia City, adds some red cultural and creative household products in the room to prepare for students to study accommodation. According to reports, the red research route in Wenjia Town has attracted many tourists. In just last year, it received more than 3 million people and attracted more than 20,000 students. The Luoxiao Mountains’ Hunan and Jiangxi family, the red land was full of fruit. In 2021, Hunan Province and Jiangxi Province established a community of red cultural tourism communities in Xiangong and Jiangxi Province to jointly launch a classic red tourism line in the village of Xiangxi and Jiangxi, connecting 9 counties (cities) in the two provinces, and radiating 70 towns and villages along the line, covering more than 100 attractions Radiation drives more than 200 rural revitalization and development. With the Dongfeng of the Hunan and Jiangxi regional cooperation, accompanied by the horn of industrial collaboration and the revitalization of the countryside, a rural revitalization scroll with strong agricultural, farmers, and rural beauty, slowly expand on the field of hope …