Hu Junjuan: For the first time, I witnessed the death of life for life (Photos) -Nong Hongwang

What I want to record occurred at around 9:20 am on May 25, 2022.

At that time, I was going to go downstairs for nucleic acid testing. Suddenly many staff members came in and out of the room next door. The anxious expression appeared on their faces, including Dean Dai and Dr. Zheng of the apartment.

After a while, I saw "Zeng Lao" tilted his head and was pushed out in a wheelchair. I saw the staff put "Zeng Lao" steadily on the first aid bed for the first time.

Immediately after the nursing clerk Xiao Liang checked the mouth, he was proficient in the pressing action of "Zeng Lao" to do heart recovery. The caregiver Xiao Feng kept insisting on the bedside and gently shouted "Uncle Zeng … Uncle Zeng. .. ".

Subsequently, Dean Dai and Dr. Zheng and Xiao Liang alternated for "Zeng Lao" for first aid. This process lasted more than ten minutes.

Finally, the "Zeng Lao" chest appeared with ups and downs, and he had an autonomous breath.

It just received the news from downstairs: 120 emergency vehicles arrived. The staff present immediately sent "Zeng Lao" to the elevator and escorted to the gate of the apartment. Due to the raging epidemic, the apartment implemented first -level closed management in accordance with the requirements. Master Li, Master Li, stopped everyone. One person assisted the 120 medical staff outside the door to carry "Zeng Lao" to the ambulance. However, 120 requires that relatives of the elderly must be accompanied by the car. Under the emergency that the "Zeng Lao" family did not arrive in time, Chairman Yan, 73, did not hesitate to replace the "Zeng Lao" family on the ambulance. The time is isolation, but he went to the ambulance without hesitation … At present, "Zeng Lao" has been safely arrived at the hospital for treatment. I heard that his situation has gradually stabilized. It’s right. This is the first time I have witnessed the battle between humans and death for life.

In addition to the patient’s internal causes, the victory of this battle also requires the external conditions of "key figures to detect abnormalities at a critical moment, and take key measures."

Xiao Liang, a nursingman around "Zeng Lao", is the key figure.

Originally, Xiaoliang wanted to help "Zeng Lao" dress up and prepare to go downstairs to do nucleic acids, but he keenly noticed the abnormal expression of "Zeng Lao", and then he and other staff members in the apartment took a series of effective measures: discovered The abnormal call was called the doctor for the first time. After a rapid preliminary judgment, the special person called the 120 emergency call and informed the family members. Before the 120 emergency car arrived, the correct first aid method was actively adopted to effectively use the gold rescue time. In less than half an hour, I realized the unity, close division of labor, calm cooperation, efficient, and professional medical group of the Wanshou Sunshine Senior Apartment. , Not afraid of dirty, not afraid of stinky, love the elderly service work, and hard work.

As an old man who lives here, especially in a severe period of prevention and control of the epidemic, I deeply feel that this is the safe island of the elderly. Thanks to Chairman Yan, Dean Dai and other leaders to invest in this career; thank Dr. Zheng and other medical workers for their care and professional guidance for the day and night; even more thanks to accompany us every day to help the hard work of resolving difficulties at any time Members. Faced with the full -minded and professional service of all the people in the apartment for the elderly, my wife and I have more confidence in the life in the epidemic. We will definitely achieve the final victory and go to the future of victory! Go China! Come on Beijing! Wanshou Sunshine Elderly Apartment, come on! Essence