Go all out to block the spread chain and achieve the goal of zero society as soon as possible! Gong Zheng investigated the epidemic prevention and control work and held a special meeting

In the morning, Gong Zheng and his party came to the Municipal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate the epidemic survey on the spot. Great efforts. Entrusted by Li Qiang, the secretary of the municipal party committee, Gong was holding a special meeting in the city’s epidemic prevention and control work headquarters to conduct video connection with relevant districts and medical institutions, listened to the reporting group reports of the headquarters, and learned about the latest situation of the emergency response to the epidemic prevention and control, and and the latest situation of the emergency response of the epidemic. Deploy the next step. Gong Zheng pointed out that the current epidemic is still at a critical stage of prevention and control. It is necessary to soberly understand the severe complexity of the epidemic situation and quickly act quickly. It is necessary to further optimize and improve the preparation system of epidemic disposal at all levels. The main leaders of all districts and departments must rely on the front command, sitting on the front line, coordinating arrangements, and resolutely block the spread of epidemic in the shortest time and decisive actions. It is necessary to take more accurate and effective prevention and control measures, do deeper and detailed traceability and detection and screening, scientifically and accurately define the "three layers of protective circles" of the "three layers of protective circle", and the key groups are included in the scope of screening. Essence To reduce clustering activities in stages, strengthen vaccine barriers and personal protection barriers, continue to adhere to the "three -piece set" and protect "five more". It is necessary to establish and improve work plans, optimize prevention and control measures as actions, and strengthen coordination and coordination with all parties. It is necessary to continue to optimize the guarantee of the isolation point service, enhance the initiative to serve the service of special groups such as the elderly, maternal, and children, and carry out other diseases in order to meet the needs of the public. It is necessary to take the initiative to strengthen information release and respond to social concerns in a timely manner.

Study and improve the normal and long -term mechanism, continuously optimize and improve the prevention and control measures of the epidemic, and better protect the health of the citizens.