Shanghai Primary and secondary schools will be adjusted to the online teaching "air classroom" use guide from March 12!

Original title: Shanghai Primary and Secondary School will be adjusted to the online teaching "air classroom" use guide from March 12! From March 12, all Shanghai primary and secondary schools have been adjusted to online teaching. Kindergartens and nursery stopped the kindergarten. Various training institutions and nursery institutions shall not conduct offline training and nursery services. The subsequent arrangements will be adjusted and announced to the society in a timely manner. Students can listen to courses and terminals such as Shanghai Micro School (https: //), cable television, IPTV, Shanghai Education TV Station, Computer, tablet (PAD), mobile phones, etc. The relevant websites will also provide curriculum video download. It is reported that the second semester of the 2021 school year from the first grade to the third grade of Shanghai Elementary School will continue to be broadcast on the "Air Classroom" channel 12 and the "Air Classroom" area in Shanghai. Primary and secondary school students in Shanghai can watch the 12th live channel of the 12th path of Eastern Wired and Bai Shitong IPTV. After the premiere, they can enter the "Air Classroom" area to watch on -demand content. Cable TV users, the channel serial number is 86 to 97; Bai Shi Tong IPTV users, the channel serial number is 686 to 697, corresponding to 12 grades from the elementary to high school.

The specific operation and use guidelines of the "Air Class" are as follows: IPTV selects channels to watch the TV, enter directly from the TV channel, and watch the online course according to the corresponding channel number of the grade.