Experts ? Guo Qinchuan: How to get stable employment in 2022

Employment is the foundation of people’s livelihood, the foundation of development, and the source of wealth.

Over the years, the country has regarded employment issues as one of the national key tasks, and continued to write into each period plan and implement it.

This year is no exception. While summarizing the employment work last year, the government work report continued to emphasize the employment priority policy, and the implementation of the target tasks of principled, directional, specific, and operability in the implementation of employment in 2022.

In order to cope with the pressure of "triple" (demand contraction, supply impact, and expected weakness), consolidate the "six stability" and "six guarantees", stabilize development expectations, promote the implementation of various strategic planning and goals of economic and social development, provide stability and endogenousness , Economic and developmental long -term power mechanism.

To solve employment is to solve the factors and resources of people in production, to solve the key links and operation of production and linkage mechanisms, solve the effective organic connection and operation of production and production, and ensure production activities and behavior operations. With production activities, the endogenous motivation of economic development is to promote economic growth. At the same time, the income was resolved and the consumer activities were promoted, thereby promoting the supply of demand and the supply of commodity production, stabilizing and ensuring the internal circulation of consumption and domestic demand, so that economic activities will run normally, achieving the purpose of driving economic purposes, entered the economic and social steps into the entry of economic and social steps into Run normally. Last year, in the face of the complex and severe international situation, the arduous and heavy domestic reform and development and stability tasks, especially in the context of the impact of the new crown pneumonia, 12.69 million newly added employment in the urban and towns, an increase of 830,000 people from 2020, and expected from expectations. The target increases by 1.69 million, and the task of employment is better well completed. At the same time, the average unemployment rate of urban survey was achieved by a average percentage point last year. The data fully illustrates that the efforts of employment promotion and the release effect of enterprise policies last year are obvious.

At present, the international situation is continuously undergoing profound complex changes. The unreparable changes in the century have continued to spread and intertwined with each other. Economic globalization has encountered countercurrents. The task of domestic reform and innovation and development stability is still arduous. Facing the current and changing development situation at home and abroad in the future, this year’s employment goals and tasks continue to focus on the general tone of steady progress, comprehensively implement new development concepts, accelerate the establishment of a new development pattern, continue to advance and deepen reform and opening up, innovation, innovation, and innovation Driven and high -quality development, adhere to the supply -side structural reform as the main line, coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development, and continue to do a good job of "six stability" and "six guarantees" to maintain the overall social stability. This provides the environment, conditions and basis for comprehensively ensuring the expansion of employment, improving quality, and enhancing efficiency. In order to implement and promote employment, macro tasks have been clarified.

In 2022, the government’s work task "focused on stabilizing the macroeconomic market and maintaining economic operation in a reasonable range", and continued to clarify the "strengthening policy of strengthening employment." At the same time, the channels, methods, and paths of employment are specified.

In the second largest task in 2022, the first thing that emphasized is "focusing on stabilizing the market’s main body to maintain employment and increased the implementation of macro policies." Specifically, "Implementation of Detailed Employment Measures" is proposed.

Focus on employment of college graduates, retired soldiers, migrant workers, disabled people, and zero -employed families. At the same time, the provisions of the guarantee of guarantee from mechanisms and policies and systems. Secondly, "do a good job in carrying out in -depth and innovation of mass entrepreneurship and enhance dual -innovation platform service capabilities. "Resolutely prevent and correct employment discrimination such as gender and age, and focus on solving the outstanding problems that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of workers"; Fifth, "continue to carry out large -scale vocational skills training, build a group of public training bases together"; The 100 billion yuan unemployment insurance fund supports stability and training, and accelerate the cultivation of high -quality talents in the manufacturing industry. "Seventh is to continue to implement the policy of stabilizing the job of unemployment insurance for companies that do not lay off layoffs and laid off. Wait, effectively answer and provide questions such as how to promote employment and employment.

Where to go to employment, who will accept employment is the core of employment. From the observation of real employment channels and the structure of the employment industry, the first industry (agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery), the tertiary industry (transportation postal and warehousing, wholesale and retail industry, accommodation and catering industry, financial industry, real estate, information and software Industry, etc.) Relatively absorbing employment has a scale effect. The production service industry has the scale of absorbing employment and the relative advantages of expanding the scale of employment.

How to allow market entities (corporate or industrial activity legal entities) that support industrial development to absorb and provide employment positions? In the current and future economic development environment, we must first live a good job to ensure that enterprises can carry out production activities and maintain normal needs, supply, and sales operation normally. At the same time, the key in the production and service sector market entities provided by market entities. Here, the enterprise is the carrying and main body of employment.

The government work report also gives systematic and systematic solutions.

From stable macroeconomic markets, focusing on stabilizing market entities, deepening reforms, stimulating market vitality, implementing innovation -driven, and expanding domestic demand rural rejuvenation, etc., we will make overall integration and in -depth to ensure the vitality and development of the market subject.

In order to effectively ensure the quality of "six stability" and "six guarantees", consolidate the foundation of employment, give system considerations, and propose specific and pragmatic problems.

This year’s employment is expected to reach a more solid step and reach a new level. (The author is a second -level investigator at the Institute of Shaanxi and a member of the Shaanxi Economic Development Research Center of Xi’an Jiaotong University).