The Education Bureau of the Gatshi County organized the basic skills of the first young and middle -aged teachers in teaching

  In order to strengthen the basic skills exercise of teachers, promote teachers to firmly establish the professionalism of professionalism, temper teaching internal skills, improve the level of education, consolidate the basic skills of teaching, and further run the people’s satisfactory education. Basic Teaching Competition.

  In this contest, teachers in the history, biology, and physics of junior high school stages, from the aspects of classroom teaching, lectures, chalk, professional knowledge testing, etc., multi -angle and comprehensive considerations. In the competition, the 24 participating teachers each showed their magical powers, showing their teaching skills in all aspects, and fully demonstrated the style of Teacher Gag.

  比赛中,评委老师公平公正的对每一位参赛选手的课堂教学、课件设计、学科专业测试、说课和粉笔字分别进行了打分,评选出了一等奖3名,二等奖3名,三Three prizes.

  The contestant Zibernisa Ottoman said: "This competition provides a good learning platform for young and middle -aged teachers, which is conducive to improving my professional level and ability. In the future teaching process, I will do my best , Carefully prepare and take every lesson to contribute to the education of the Gatshi County.

"Zhu Mingyan, deputy director of the Adult Education and Training Center of Gamen County, said:" This competition has achieved the purpose of paying attention to teachers, practicing internal skills, and improving the overall quality of teachers. It provides a stage for providing a stage for full -line teachers to fully demonstrate their classroom teaching achievements and the comprehensive quality of teachers’ basic skills, which has promoted the professional level and business quality of primary and secondary school teachers. "[Information Release].