Anhui 5 -year -old children go to Shanghai to treat new crowns infected with new crown Hefei to start a life relay treatment

"Thank you for the power of the city for the city and gave the child for the second time." Recently, Anhui 5 -year -old boy suffered from extremely severe recycled disorder anemia. He returned to Anhui with his parents after creating blood stem cell migration in Shanghai. Unexpectedly, Shanghai called on the way on the way. Called boy nucleic acid first sieve positive.

The family immediately dialed 110 when they panicked, and finally transferred from 120 to a designated hospital at the high -speed intersection entering Hefei. Extremely severe regenerative disorders infected with new coronary pneumonia after migration, and it is rare in the world. Remote consultation adjustment treatment plan, the hospital went to Beijing to take a combination of medicine for children overnight, and the genetic diagnosis team entered the infected hospital area … Faced with this special child, Hefei started a relay treatment of life. On the morning of April 25th, after consultation and comprehensive research by experts, the boy was identified to meet the 9th edition of the diagnosis and treatment guide to terminate the management standards, and the medical isolation management was lifted on April 25.

"Thanks to Hefei for the city’s strength to save the child and give the child for the second time." The father’s father said that he must be a volunteer next to return Hefei. Fei Qinru Xin’an Evening News Anhui.com reporter Ye Xiaoyu Kangsheng Photography report.