The closing of the 131st Canton Fair Exhibitors Harmony

This year’s Canton Fair attracted a total of more than 10,000 domestic and foreign companies. The interviewees "At this Canton Fair, we have newly harvested intentions from Lebanon and Japan." On April 24th, the 131st Canton Fair ended. This is the company’s 8th year to participate in the Canton Fair. They carefully exhibited products such as wooden pencils, color pencils and crayons, and received surprises from thousands of miles away. In the past 10 days, the products of the 50 domestic and overseas exhibitors, the 50 exhibition areas in the 16 categories, and the purchases of 228 countries and regions gathered the platform to jointly "stabilize the chain and stabilize". On the "cloud" end, the total number of exhibits exceeds 3 million pieces, with more than 950,000 new products, a record high, showing the latest, strongest and highest level of Chinese manufacturing. "The Canton Fair is an important part of the global industrial chain supply chain, providing rich business opportunities for global import and exporters. The Canton Fair not only allows Chinese manufacturing and Chinese brands to global, but also provides convenient channels for products from various countries to enter the Chinese market to share China to share China in China Development Opportunities.

"Mu Mu Ran, vice chairman of the Lyon Council Industry and Commerce Association in France.

  In order to help enterprises open up the global market, the Canton Fair has signed cooperation agreements with 14 "Belt and Road" countries including Laos Industry and Commerce, Saudi Yatth Chamber of Commerce, and Kuwait Commercial Union and RCEP member states to achieve full coverage of RCEP countries.

At the same time, in 57 countries and regions, 50 "Bridge of Trade" series of activities were held. More than 20 multinational head enterprises, nearly 200 exhibitors and more than 4,000 buyers participated online to promote China’s key industrial clusters and "specialty Special New "Product.

  According to customs statistics, the 131st Canton Fair exhibitors have exported more than 10,000 exports in the first quarter of this year, with an export of 100 million yuan, a year -on -year increase of%.

Among them, the average export value of the exhibitors of the exhibitors is higher than the national average of the same period; exhibitors have increased by 12%and%of exports of the United States and the European Union, respectively.

(Reporter/Changdao Li Chen Xiao).