Our province’s planning chemical industry has the layout of the Hunan section of the Yangtze River and Dongting Lake, and the Sihui dry stream shoreline 1 km within 1 km.

Huasheng Online May 31st (All Media Reporter Meng Yanyan Correspondent Gong Jieyuan) Scientifically promoted the governance of chemical pollution and prevent the risk of resolving the development of the chemical industry. ", Proposed that by 2025, the layout of the chemical industry in our province is more optimized and reasonable, the chemical industry pollution has been effectively controlled and comprehensively governed. The proportion of fine chemicals and high value -added products has increased significantly. Efficient, the green production system of chemical parks is basically completed, and the industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading have achieved significant results.

Resolutely curb the blind development of the river along the river.

The Hunan section of the Yangtze River and Dongting Lake, Xiangjiang, Zijiang, Qijiang, and Laishui dry stream shoreline (hereinafter referred to as along the river) are strictly forbidden to build, expand chemical parks, and chemical production projects. Reliated by the river within one kilometer.

Newly built (including reconstruction and expansion) chemical projects in one kilometer along the river must meet the requirements of ecological environmental protection laws and regulations, related plans and planning environmental assessment requirements to meet the energy consumption intensity and total control targets, pollutant emissions areas, discharge intensity control, and ecological environment The requirements of the admission list and the negative list system of the Yangtze River Economic Belt are prohibited from the project that does not meet the planning of the national industrial layout, and the newly -built and eliminated restricted projects should be prohibited. And water consumption and pollutant emissions reached advanced levels. By 2023, all chemical parks in the province will complete the identification work and establish a list of chemical parks.

Parks that have not been identified as the petrochemical industry shall not be newly built, renovated and expanded petrochemical projects (except for safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and intelligent transformation projects), and do a good job of supervision and disposal of petrochemical enterprises in the park in accordance with laws and regulations. The plan also clarifies the acceleration of the moving customs clearance of chemical enterprises along the river, strict chemical enterprises’ risk management and control, optimizing the industrial structure of chemical parks, actively promoting the development of green and low -carbon development of the chemical industry, comprehensively improving the level of clean production and production of chemical industry, accelerating and improving pollution in chemical parks The construction of infrastructure such as governance, pollution governance models along the river chemical enterprises, strict ecological environmental protection law enforcement, strengthening the law enforcement of production safety, and improving emergency management mechanisms.