Japanese media: The "Chinese Miracle" of the Winter Paralympic Games is by no means accidental

It was reported on March 11 that the "Japan Economic News" reported on the 10th that China was set off at the Winter Paralympic Games of the host as the host. This time, the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games sent 96 athletes, and the total number of medals was far ahead.

In the finals of the Ski Men’s Opinion (UL) finals held on the 7th, Chinese players Ji Lijia, Wang Pengyao, Zhu Yonggang, etc. won the top four. Essence

The Japanese player Dawa Genzong, who entered the ranking battle, said: They are fully prepared and great.

The Corps lineup strongly reported that China hired coaches from some winter sports strong nations that are good at Nordic skiing and alpine skiing.

For example, the high mountain ski projects that have won 10 medals, including 2 gold medals, are the head coach by Italian Capeli Dario.

According to Xiao Chi Yue Yue, a player who participated in the Skiller Ski Men’s Ski Men’s Ski Men’s Ski Men’s Slotting (Standing Pose) competition, he also saw the Chinese team coaches one -on -one guidance of the athletes. Craig Speus, a spokesman for the International Disabled Olympic Committee, mentioned that Chinese athletes expanded from the last 26 people to 96 people, and pointed out that about 85 million disabled people in China have the ability to choose talents from them. The organizing committee also stated that the winter movement facing the disabled has developed rapidly.