Quickly check the fine management

Original title: Quick inspection Fine Management at 4 pm on April 26, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao High -speed Henan Yuanyang Service Area. Seeing the staff step forward, the truck driver Mu Xiaoming stretched out the window with his left hand and waved the A4 paper in his hand. "Comrade! This is my nucleic acid test report!" "Your nucleic acid test results will be 48 hours immediately. "The staff took the test report and checked it carefully." It is recommended that you do a test again, it is completely free, you can go after finishing, and the results can be released in four or five hours.

" "well! Mu Xiaoming nodded again and again. While Mu Xiaoming took a nap, the reporter came forward and talked to him.

  "I came out the day before yesterday. First, I pulled an electronic component from Jingzhou, Hubei to a mobile assembly plant in Xinxiang, Henan.

"After the delivery, Mu Xiaoming took another order and returned to Hengshui from Xinxiang’s fertilizer from Xinxiang.

"The nucleic acid testing in Jingzhou, enters the service area, out of the toll station, recognize everywhere, then turn on the mobile phone and show the health code, and let the various card points go.

"On April 18th, the national guarantee logistics could promote the stable TV conference call of the industrial chain supply chain, requiring nucleic acid test results to recognize the country within 48 hours.

Henan Province actively responded to the promotion of the logistics insurance and the smooth promotion of the industrial chain supply chain to stabilize 16 measures, and refine the implementation plan. "Henan’s transit vehicle flow is frequent, and the demand for self -provincial cargo transportation is also very large, and the responsibility of keeping the security is not small.

Xu Qiang, director of the Henan Provincial Department of Transportation, said that while doing a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic, he did its best to work hard to manage the maximum efforts to provide the maximum convenience for the Baotong Baochang and the driver master. Refined management and scientific and technological assistance.

At the Beijing -Hong Kong -Macao high -speed Yuanyang toll station, the epidemic prevention and control staff Jia Shaolin took the mobile phone and swept the license plate one by one at the high -speed truck. "As long as you sweep the license plate of the large truck, the background database is automatically compared immediately, and they can know their last 48 hours of schedule in less than a second.

Those who have been in the province have been released immediately, and timely inspections outside the province have greatly improved traffic efficiency.

"Jia Shaolin said.

  It didn’t take long for Mu Xiaoming to finish the nucleic acid test.

It was still early, and he took a hot bath in the service area.

"Almost every county and cities in Henan have a special service area for foreign drivers. Whether it is nucleic acid testing, or cheering, eating, or going to the toilet, it is very convenient. The original Yang’s service area can still take a bath, very thoughtful!" Xinxiangxiang! The person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Bureau introduced that Xinxiang provided free board and lodging for foreign truck drivers from the province, and centralized management. "This facilitates the driver and reduces the risk of epidemic dissemination.

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