Baoshan’s "Rape Rapestick" Glows the new vitality of the countryside to revitalize

  The agricultural science staff has checked the growth of rapeseed into the new era. The new modern agricultural model of "planting+culture+tourism" has become one of the development trends of advancing rural revitalization. In order to promote the revitalization of the countryside, empower the comprehensive well -off, and glow with the new vitality of the countryside, the Baoshan Agricultural Technology Promotion Center and the Longyang District Agricultural Technology Promotion at the Exit of the Exit of Bingmam Township Jointly Build Oil No. 1, Oil -preservation Miscellaneous No. 2, Yunyou Miscellaneous No. 28, Yunhua Oil No. 9 Link of 1,700 acres of high -yield demonstration models, fully tap the "agriculture, rural areas" resources, focus on superior characteristic industries, and break out a new way for "rapeseed" to develop a new way. Essence

  The so -called "oil" refers to rapeseed oil. After harvesting rapeseed seeds, it can be made through processing seeds, grinding, extracts, etc., and can obtain high -quality rapeseed oil. Its ingredients include oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, narnium, etc. Edible vegetable oil can also be used as biological diesel with diversified functions.

  The so -called "vegetable" refers to the planting rapeseed. "The people take food as the sky", China’s "eating culture" has a long history and profoundness from ancient times to the present. For example, rapeseed tenderness can be eaten in various ways such as stir -fry, hot pot, cold mixing, pickled, and pickled. It is refreshing, slightly sweet, and rich in vitamin C, B and trace elements. Constipation and other effects are loved by consumers. Under the premise of not affecting the yield of rapeseed, it can be harvested by 100-150 kg per acre, and the output value can be added 300-500 yuan.

After lift the advantages of the top of rapeseed, it is necessary to apply urea, boron fertilizer and enhanced field management to effectively increase the number of rape branches and the number of single -plant corners to ensure that rapeseed production is increased.

  The so -called "swim" refers to the tourism and tourism driven by rapeseed.

When rapeseed flowers, and the opening of the highway, on the one hand, it can attract foreign tourists to visit tourism. Killer ", connected the bridge of coordinated urban and rural development. Over the years, Paushan City has been in the third and second places in the provinces and cities in the province and cities, and has played an important role in ensuring the safety of edible vegetable oil in Yunnan Province. In recent years, as a national oil -producing county, Longyang District, relying on rape models, consolidated the oil -producing base, has accelerated agricultural transformation and upgrading. In addition to exploring the new development model of "rapeseed", the municipal and district agricultural technology promotion centers (institutions) are also actively targeted at the anti -pollution control treatment of the East River Basin, and vigorously promote the three cooked systems of "grilled smoke+corn+rape" and the "clean farmhouse fertilizer fertilizer" The source-carbon cycle use "model is expected to increase significantly this year’s model rapeseed benefits.

  Rural revitalization is inseparable from agriculture, but it is not limited to agriculture. The rural tourism industry and characteristic processing industry can also become an important part of the development of rural industries. Wang Ende, the deputy head of Bingma Township, stood in the model and said excitedly: "In order to fully implement the strategy of rural revitalization, we must firmly grasp the focus of rural revitalization and fit the characteristics of rural areas.

In accordance with the requirements of the development of beautiful rural villages, one by one, one year, one year, and one year, with more powerful measures and more powerful forces, accelerate the pace of modern agriculture and rural areas, and take the high -quality development path of agriculture and rural areas. "(Yang Pin -Yu) (Responsible editor: Mu Shengyu, Xu Qian) Share more people see it.