On April 25th, 2 cases of related activities in Taiyuan City were announced in Taiyuan City.

People’s Daily Online, Taiyuan, April 26 (Reporter Zhang Tingting) According to the office of the Taiyuan City Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group, a man of diagnosis is confirmed. Building 1 is a common rental person who is asymptomatic in the community. On April 23, a centralized medical observation in Wan Berlin District was observed. On April 25, the test results of the nucleic acid test of the Taiyuan Disease Control Center were positive, and they were then transferred to the isolation treatment of Taiyuan Fourth People’s Hospital. After consultation with provincial and municipal experts, diagnosis was diagnosed as a confirmed case (light type).

After an epidemiological survey, the preliminary trajectory of this case was as follows: At about 7:00 on April 18, participated in the nanothalette test in the Wanburlin District in Dongsheng Jiayuan; at about 9:30 Not going out at home. At around 11:00 on April 19, move personal luggage from Building 5, Dongsheng Jiayuan to Building 1; about 12: 35, dine at the shredded noodle shop (Vanke Jinyu Huafu) At home; around 18: 20, take a taxi to accompany friends to Taiyuan Heping Hospital for nucleic acid testing; around 18: 40, exchange taxis to accompany friends to the Second People’s Hospital of Shanxi Province for nucleic acid testing; around 19: 10, At the side of the east gate of the Second People’s Hospital of Shanxi Province, the people were stir -frying the tip museum; around 19: 40, waiting for a friend’s nucleic acid to detect the sampling at the door of the hospital, and then returned home by taxi and did not go out.

At around 12:00 on April 20, dining at Lima Spicy Stores; around 14:00, send friends to the south gate of Dongsheng Jiayuan, and then go to the convenience store next to the Lima Spicy Store; The iron pot noodles in the community vegetable market did not go home after returning home.

At around 20:00 on April 21, I dine on iron pots near the people’s commune near the community, and returned home without going out. At around 13:50 on April 22, dine in the noodle restaurant in the community vegetable market, and then take a network to pay friends to accompany friends to the Twelfth Bureau of the China Railway for nucleic acid testing; around 15: 10, take the online car to return to the community, and after returning home Not going out.

At 11:30 on April 23, it was observed in isolation of medical observation. Please report to the relevant key areas and venues in the above risk time period, and immediately report to the local community (village) to cooperate with health management measures. (Responsible editor: Zhang Tingting, Zhang Linshan) Share let more people see recommended reading.