The Tsinghua University Olympic Special Exhibition opened, more than 60 precious collections described the "Olympic Games"

Beijing News (Reporter Feng Qi) The 28th Athens Olympic Torch passed by the former Chinese shooter and Olympic champion Wang Yifu, the winner of the Chinese Winter Olympics Yang Yang participated in the helmet wearing the 19th Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Olympic Volunteer Essence and Work Terminals … On March 30, the "Tsinghua Olympic Games" special exhibition opened at the History Museum of Tsinghua University. The precious archives are about the connection between Tsinghua and the Olympic Games. The exhibition was co -sponsored by the History Museum of Tsinghua University, the Archives, the Ministry of Sports, the Department of Student, the Ministry of Research and Industry, and the Youth League Committee. Figure/Beijing News reporter Li Muyi’s Winter Olympics champion appeared in the special exhibition. Many Jian will have a "hope for the Winter Olympics to drive more people to participate in ice and snow sports and experience the fun of ice and snow sports.

"Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Skating Double Slide Champion Han Cong also came to the scene, holding a golden gold medal in his hand.

This is the gold medal won by his partner Sui Wenjing at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, and the second gold medal in the history of Chinese figure skating.

China won the first Winter Olympic skating gold medal 12 years ago. In the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics figure skating double skating competition, Chinese athlete Shen Xue and his partner won the championship. Today, Shen Xue is the chairman of the China Falter Skating Association and is one of the flag -guard flag bearers at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

On March 30, Shen Xue also came to Tsinghua University History Museum to unveil the exhibition.

Shen Xue is also a Tsinghua. The reporter learned that Shen Xue entered a master’s degree in management of the Winter Olympics of Tsinghua University in 2019. Many Olympic health will have a relationship with Tsinghua.

In 1999, the former Chinese shooter, Olympic champion Wang Yifu, and his wife Zhang Qiuping, who had won the fourth place in the 1988 Seoul Olympic Women’s Women’s Women’s Women’s Women’s Women’s Women, entered Tsinghua University and participated in the re -construction of Tsinghua University shooting teams.

Since the reconstruction of the team, it has won more than 700 medals at home and abroad, and has trained more than 20 national sports health generals including Yang Qian and more than 10 international sports health generals.