March from Ran Museum to explore the secrets

  The reporter learned from the Tianjin Natural Museum that in addition to the regular exhibition, the museum also prepared special science popularization activities of different themes and 4D movies, providing a new popular science experience for natural lovers, while meeting the desire to explore children. The science popularization activities in March are divided into two categories.

One is public welfare activities, which are divided into base exploration, dinosaurs and ecological Tianjin. Volunteers of the Natural Museum dig deep into the collection resources, select interesting themes for explanation, and spread the knowledge of science. The second type of specialty activities include "Nature Exploring One Day Camp Tour" and a Board of Brexit. The relevant person in charge of the museum stated that the birthday will jointly build the characteristic exhibits and dinosaur restaurants in combination with the natural museum, so that children will be immersed in experience of archeological mining.

  On the first floor of the Film and Television Department, from 9.30 to 15:15 daily, popular science films will be broadcast for children to understand the mysteries.

This month, "African Prairie", "Sword tooth dynasty", "Panda Rolling", "Fish Dragon Warriors", "The Legend of the Dragon", "The Mystery of Dinosaur Extinction", "Jurassic Adventure Enter the Rivers and Lakes", "Fish Dragon Warriors" 2 Deep Sea Fishing Competition "and so on.