Effectively strengthen the supervision function of the People’s Congress to promote high quality development of private economies

Original title: Lausanne Village emphasized the recent deputy secretary of the district party committee, the director of the District Party Committee and the Director of the Autonomous Region People’s Congress Standing Committee, Lhasa City, invested in the development of private economic development, and held a government department to support the private economic development symposium, understanding our district The difficulties and questions in the business of enterprises have listened to the advice on improving the ability and level of the promotion of employment in private enterprises.

He emphasized that we must study the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, in accordance with the requirements of the party committee of the district, and Secretary Wu Yingjie at the Symposium of the Autonomous Region, combined with the actual situation of Tibet, solid "six stable" work, implement " Six guarantees "task, implementation of good and easy-to-depth policy, increase policy support, stimulate market subjectivity, and promote high quality development of private economies. Tibet Plateau Bao Yak Dairy Co., Ltd. is currently the largest, most modernized yak milk product processing enterprises in the country, and is a national-level agricultural industrialization focus leading company.

Lausanne Village came to the production workshop, looking at the border, detailed understanding of the production and operation of the company, brand innovation, milk source base construction, absorption and employment, etc.

He said that we must promote the implementation of fiscal policies to land, help private enterprises to open the difficulty point of extension of the industrial chain, leading the promotion of enterprise innovation and upgrading. In Tibet Plateau Natural Water Co., Ltd., Lausanne Village said that we must adhere to the target leading and problem-oriented, increase policy support, improve the quality of financial services to private enterprises, and further enhance corporate vitality.

At the same time, I hope that companies pay attention to the employment of more college students, driving agricultural herdsmen. Tibet Ninggao Technology Group Co., Ltd. ECC Control Center is currently the highest level of cloud computing data center in the world. Lausanni Village watched the function of Ninggang Technology Cloud Calculation Data Center to introduce the propaganda film, inspected the computer cabinet, Lhasa City government cloud transportation center, and found 5GAI unmanned cloud computing technology.

He said that we must deepen government functions and strengthen the coordination supervision of production factors and reduce corporate operating costs. At the symposium, Lausanne Village emphasized that private enterprises have promoted an important force in our district economic development. It is necessary to fully understand the current "six stable" "six guarantees", especially the extreme importance of protecting market entities, and further optimize private people. Economic development environment, increase tax reduction and tax reduction, reduce the cost of production and operation of enterprises, and strengthen financial support to enterprises.

We must adhere to the emancipation idea, adhere to the "one-plate chess" idea in the whole district, create a good development environment and employment environment, and wearate the "guarantee network", providing a better service for the prevention industry, measures and stabilizing employment, ensuring employment situation The overall stability is condensed with the long-quality development of Tibet Chang’an and the high quality development.

At the same time, the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region must play a functional role in optimizing the business environment, implement fiscal and tax support policies, and accelerate the local regulations that promote employment, strengthen the implementation of laws and regulations in the labor employment, and better apply. The rule of law forces the market main body, keep the people, and protect people’s livelihood. Regional Party Committee Standing Committee, Lhasa Municipal Party Committee Secretary Bai Mawang, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Director, Vice Director, Vice President, Vice President, Vice President, Xu Xueguang, District Political Consultative Conference, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, Ape Jinyuan accompanied by investigation or attending the symposium. (Responsible: Dan Zhuo, Diezi East).