Data resource sharing "like online shopping is as convenient" Zhejiang digital reform latest results appeared in Wuzhen Summit

Taizhou Xianju County has built a "pro-network" application this year, providing a digital service such as policy subsidies, agricultural service, marketing promotion for Yangmei growers. After this application is incorporated into the IRS "a book", it is determined by Taizhou City as an optimal application, promoted in the city, and expands from industries such as citrus, Wen, Tea, and maximizes the value of innovation. Since the construction of IRS this year, Zhejiang has census on the information infrastructure, public data, application system, algorithm components of the province’s government system, and forms a "total accountbook" for digital resources intelligent.

The three 3430 units of the provincial and city county participated, based on a set of standard combed 10,129 government digital application systems, give each digital resource unique "identity". Through the "General Book", all departments can browse all kinds of digital resources in a stop of each other, obtain the required basic resource raw materials and services, quickly master the various regions, fields, barline innovation and featured applications, and reduce recurrence.

On this basis, Zhejiang has also developed "data high-speed rail" technology, cracking the sharing of traditional technology architecture, not timely, incomplete problems.

At present, there are 38 "data high-speed rail", and 156 heterogeneous systems, and 1008 public data minute sharing in Zhejiang. (Editor: Wang Xiao Xiao, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.