Efficient water saving irrigation watering out of "Purple Dream" under Helan Mountain

The bronze gorge city in the pigeon mountain irrigation area. People’s Dauo took through many years of operation, the actual average water volume of pigeon mountain irrigation dismissions was 3.29 million cubic meters. The acres of water volume was 165 cubic meters. Compared with water quota, the acres saving 115 cubic meters, saving water consolidated Storage, can protect the grapes of Helan Shandong’s wine. Compared with the traditional groove model, the acres saving 150-170 cubic meters, the water-saving benefits are significant; at the same time, the wine irrigation area has increased by 3-4 degrees, the quality of grape, improved, and realized economic benefits. Win-win with water-saving benefits.

"The water resources exported are used to ensure a rigid water such as a wine grape planting, abandoned mine control reclamation, Helan Mountain and Niu Shou Mountain Ecological Repair, for water rights transactions, let water resources transfer to high-efficiency industries, so that water-saving The amount guarantees the increment of high quality development, allowing limited water resources to play the greatest benefits. "The person in charge of the Qingtongxia Water Affairs Bureau.

It is reported that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the Qingtongxia City adheres to the water-saving priority, actively adjusts the water structure, transforming water mode, improves water efficiency, and has a total of 100 million cubic meters. The effective utilization factor of farmland irrigation water is more than "twelve" At the end, we will increase a percentage point, excess% complete the target task issued by the autonomous region.

Especially in 2020, the Qingtongxia City adjustment layout, reduced the scale, tuning structure, only agricultural saves 46 million cubic meters of Huanghe water, for the whole district, and contributed to the drought prevention. From the actual use of water, 2020 water has a total of billion cubic meters of water, among which agriculture uses water for hundreds of cubic meters, accounting for 93%, the largest water source head is in agriculture, the broadest water-saving space is also in agriculture.

In recent years, Ningxia will build a water-saving society in Ningxia.

Focusing on the modern water-saving agriculture in the northern 黄 黄 区, the cultivation of water-saving agriculture in the middle of the central arid sand, the southern loess hilly, the "three model districts" construction, optimize the adjustment of crop planting structure, accelerate the water-saving transformation and continuation of irrigation district Building a supporting, vigorously develop high-efficiency water-saving irrigation based on drip irrigation, micro-irrigation, sprinkling.