Eastern Avenue Navy, a shore leader: bending the sword to Haitian

Unwavering accelerating the process of naval modernization, be good at innovation, courage to surpass, and strive to comprehensively build the world’s first-class navy. – Xi Jinping Eastern War District Navy A Side Bad Troupe: Bending Bouring Sword to Haitian ■ The People’s Liberation Army reporter Chen Xiaoying Wei Yu Shumhan Road is meandering, the missile launch vehicle galloped. The tree on the window is moving backwards, and the Ye Chao bowls look at the stopwatch in the hand. Arrive in a scheduled region, occupy the position, and unfold the equipment … Long Sword is on the sky, enter the expansion state. "Two minutes higher than the scheduled time!" This young launching battalion grew well, and he was relieved.

The Important Standard of "Speed" – Ye Chao Inspection and Training.

"Speed" – Ye Chao ‘s East The Evil of the Navy’ s Navy ‘s Transformation and Development Times. "Take the wind, don’t stay." The head of the head of the group was sincerely sigh. The people’s army accelerated the vivid practice of promoting the strong military force. "In April 2018, the largest sea military parade in the history of new Chinese was held, and Xi Chairman reviewed the Forces and issued an important speech. He emphasized that in the journey of the new era, in the struggle of the great revival of the Chinese nation, the task of building a strong people’s navy has never been just like today.

On October 1, 2019, the shore missile team consisting of the group passed Tiananmen, accepted the motherland and the people. In the commander’s eyes, as a high navy of the commander, I feel the heavy responsibility on the shoulder.

In 2012, New Year’s Eve, high naval memory was new.

Under the superior order, when the time of launching the battalion, he was ordered to bring the team to a beach region. That time, the high naval realized that the old routine in the mind, the old model is really changed.

"With the missing task expands, the emission preparation time is getting shorter.

This puts higher requirements for officers and soldiers.

"The High Navy tells the reporter, leading the assault group independent implementation of war preparation," commander qualification certification assessment "is the level that must be overwhelmed. As the missionary task continues to increase, it has now taken the original group-level commander as an assault group The responsibility of the staff is decentralized. This also means that all the start-up commanders of all the initiation camps must have the ability to independently command the combat combat. In the group, the reporter found that "the lead panic" is high in the official Frequency word.

The regular state can be made, can the limit state? In the first drill last year, the group of staff Huang Jie took the initiative to challenge the weapons and equipment limits. "The big probability is not absolute value. If the weapon equipment has a boundary value of the weapon equipment under extreme conditions, it is very likely to have to have to defeat!" Huang Jie led his comrades to set up a problem-related group, in-depth mining equipment performance, repeatedly calculated the boundary value of the equipment, Finally, after exploring verification, the "equation" of this fight is unpredictable. Can an emergency way be a way to win a way to win? Special emergency launches, but in the group, the group became the "secret weapon" that the officers and soldiers must practice.

Not long ago, a wild emergency pulling drill emergency. What makes Tour Wang Shunwei did not expect that this seemingly normal launch drill is really hidden.

On the position, the equipment just started, he received an emergency instruction from the command office: "The 1nd launch vehicle mobile phone to a position, launching independent launch!" Although everyone is not strange to this approach, but is far from the command control vehicle In the case, the independent launch is launched, and Wang Shunwei is straight. In the face of a new test, Wang Shuwei successfully commanded bicycle to complete missile simulation launch. Thinking is compatible, and the ability is abroad.

As the new struggle is continuously improved, this coach has ushered in the opportunity of the Sword quench and transforming.

Last year, the new equipment was launched, and the mission was once again expanded. How to play the advantages of the shore sea, "save yourself, destroy the enemy", become a test in front of the party committee.

The derived from this test is from a "back-to-back" against drills. At that end, the position was "enemy" fire strike, and the launcher urgently retreated to nearby windproof forests for evacuation.

After the warfare team has just hidden, the notification from the tuned group is received: the target exposure, the launch failed. "Let’s launch the car in the end, the formation is so long, and it will not be fully concealed.

"Find out the cause of the problem, launching the four cars team leader is very wronged.

It turned out that although the chariot formation was evacuated quickly, the formation was mighty, and the last launch vehicle did not have enough space, resulting in the "enemy" drone reconnaissance discovery, the entire assault group exposed.

At the time of re-disc, Huang Jie’s words are vocal: "The fixed position is easy to expose the target, and we will launch a motor action." Something to move, need to practice. That time, Huang Jie led the training back to walk between the mountains and found a concealed position that benefiting the launch.

They have opened up a number of launches benefiting and preventing fast conversion in accordance with the requirements of concealed evacuation, mobile operations.

Inspection, followed by it.

On the day of the exercise, the Your Chang Li Xu commanded to quickly evacuate, and the single launch vehicle was under concealment and evacuated, and the newly opened temporary position organized missile attack and tested the operability of the war.

Subsequently, the group enhanced research demonstration, focusing on thermal dispersion, moving the enemy’s requirements, exploring the motor war laws against fast-defense and fast conversion, gradually accessing the motor attack and rapidly hit method road, and enhance the combining ability of the troops. "The First Orchestra of the Coast" – these seven big characters on the stone monument of the group camp, writing the official and soldiers, and the first firm determination. As a navy’s new motor shore leading force, there are countless new chapters on the strong military journey waiting to write, written in the vast sea of ??the motherland. The short-evaluation is not negliating, and it is in an interview in the Eastern Army Navy, and there is a strong feeling: this new combat force in the pace of reform is ushered in unprecedented development opportunities.

As a navy’s new motor shore leading force, the group has been judged soon.

In the eyes of the commander, the officers and men are deeply responsible. An unprecedented opportunity means unprecedented challenges.

They set the timetable, set down the army, with the back of the posture night, and actively explore the training of the "best solution", and went out of a development new road and shorten the combat power generation cycle. Their performance on the demon trip is the most convincing illustration. Testing reform efficiency, measuring only one standard: combat power.

In our army fighting, each army, every military, every training day is an important part.

At the moment, the "high-speed train" of the transformation is increasing more and more troops to new departure sites. This requires us to be brave enough to make up, face up, and explore innovation. In this way, the party is not loaded with this great era.