Dryland to improve the field, rice incent

  In the golden autumn season, the rice is fragrant, and the harvest is like a picturesque. In the field of Huangtang Town, Huangtang, Chengguan Town, Yellow Town, Guangxi Province, Huangtang, Huangtang, the project site, and the implementation of cultivated land and improved rice hi-harvest.

  In the rice fields, the grains are full, Huang Chengcheng’s rice ear is in the waist, the harvester is coming back and forth, and the scene of the homestead of the scene is also full of harvest.

With the start of the card, the "drought improvement water" rice in multiple parts of the local area will enter the harvest season.

  It is understood that in the first batch of cultivated land in Yucheng County implemented in the second half of 2019, all completion acceptance in December 2020 will grow rice in June this year. Mu, new waterfield area acres, the mu is 1000 pounds, and more than 200 pounds per acre.

(Wei Juan) In the rice field, the harvester is busy.

  Golden "drought to water" rice field in the ancient bouffin area. Golden "drought to water" rice field in the ancient bouffin area. The harvester puts the padded rice into the vehicle.

  The harvester harvested in golden rice fields.