Domestic snowcot implementation "zero breakthrough"

  Recently, China FAW and China Aerospace Science and Technology Group will deliver a domestic snowman-red flag snowman to the Winter Transport Center of the State Sports General Administration.

Its delivery has achieved a breakthrough of "zero" in the domestic snowman, and also announced that my country’s snowman equipment has long been ended from the end of the foreign brand monopoly. The domestic snowcotted domestic snowcot includes two types of snow cars, two types of snow cars, 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, they will attack the Chinese Olympic athletes. Workers must be in good faith.

At the autonomous snow car review and departure ceremony held in the Trial Center of the FAW R & D Trial Center, Cao Lijun, Vice President of the Innovation Technology Research Institute, introduced the development history, development results and the next work plan. Participants were judged by the snow truck. The snow car has also been an evaluation of "a big country’s business card, the appearance, fast as lightning, honest, strong, rock." The relevant person in charge of the FAW Group said that the Hongqi snowman project is the Hongqi R & D team first undertakes sports equipment R & D. The process of compromising carbon fiber housings, chassis, brake, steering and other systems and vehicle design and manufacturing key technology, breaking through welding Durability analysis, fastener selection, structural strength optimization, carbon fiber optimization, CAE (computer aided engineering) analysis conditions settings.

The project team member overcomes more difficulties, quickly complete the research and development and manufacturing of the product, overtime to ensure that the project cycle goals are achieved.