China @ 四 川 | Unveiled the yellow chain of the gambling live platform black chain: induction, money laundering team division

  Xinhua News Agency, November 11th, Siqi: Unveiled the Huang Zhu Gambling Live Platform Black Chain: Induction, Moisturizing Team Division Clear Xinhua News Agency "China Network" reporter Zhang Hai Lei Wu Guang recently, Guang’an City, Sichuan Province, Guang’an and Mianyang City The department cracked two network-related live cases, involving 160 criminal suspects such as the anchor, platform operation, promotion, maintenance, and laundering.

The reporter conducted a survey of two cases, a circular live broadcast through the Internet, opened online casinos, and washing money through illegal "fourth-party payment" company, underground Qianzhuang transferred black industry chain. In the early 2020, the Guang’an Municipal Public Security Bureau received the case of the masses, saying that Yang Mou, from the jurisdiction, from December 2019, is engaged in erotic live online.

After the police verified, most of the anchor involved in the App "X Color" was exposed, live broadcast, dew, and dancing, etc., using speech, dew, and dancing, etc.

  After further investigation, the police found that the APP set network erotic live broadcast, online gambling is one, and there is a huge criminal group. Gan Xu, the police station of the Guang’an Municipal Public Security Bureau of Guang’an Public Security Bureau, was introduced by the case investigation, and the platform guided the "brush gift", induced gambling, etc. In order to make the income "legalization", the criminal gang is arranged to laundering.

  In the Mianyang police discovered in the Huanghuang platform "X Meng" investigation, there were more than Near 10,000, more than 50 million members, more than 50,000 provinces, and live content.

In addition, the platform also has the "Jasper Chess", "Nine-Five Supreme", "Xiaoxin Chess", and other gambling platform interfaces.

  The reporter learned that similar platforms evade the police to traverse strikes in a variety of ways. Most platforms can only be downloaded through the browser link, log in to the invitation code that needs to be sent, and the name will be replaced every other time; if any information related to the company, platform main body, etc. will be found; these platforms are mainly taken; Overseas control, the mode of implementation of crimes in the territory, and the links in the territory relies on social software with automatic deletion of chat content. Brush gifts can increase the broadcast WeChat "Welfare" "code business" gang is responsible for launching police, such criminal gangs are strict and divided into labor. Among them, live "family" hanging system, by "family long" management, "Family" with high profit for bait, recruiting an anchor, teaching, lure, and snivoring signing female anchor for obscene performance.

  The anchor Lin has been broadcast from 10 o’clock in the evening. She is exposed, through the action, the voice is lured the viewer, and induces its brush gift, the gift price is from Yuan to 1999 yuan.

When receiving a certain value of a gift, the anchor can take the privacy department to complete the designated action, or allow the viewer to obtain "benefits" such as obscene video or photos by adding its WeChat.

  The platform also stipulates that the anchor continues to be 300 yuan, 6 hours can be 500 yuan, 800 yuan to 1000 yuan.

The result of the brush gift can be 60%. At the same time, an anchor also induces the viewer to gamble through the app to earn a commission. In a new student learning note, they recorded the viewer after entering the live broadcast, how to "Classify" "Judgment Level" "Language Test" "Test" "Open Its Inner" " The specific operational process of "extracting maximum cash value" in the cooperation relationship.

  Zhao Haoyang, director of Guanghui Police Station, Guang’an City Public Security Bureau, said that the broadcast will mention "a certain winning" from time to time, and the page will also display "a certain bet XX yuan" from time to time. In order to do the best possible to attract gamblers, the platform gambling play is rich and diverse, and a cow is not capped. But the platform does not directly charge gambling, but is charged by illegal "fourth-party payment" platform for network money laundering. Chen Mouliang is one of the "code vendors" responsible for the platform, and he hires the technician to develop the payment system and link it to the platform.

When someone recharges, the page jumps out of the payment link, and the payment QR code is paid.

These QR codes come from the "code merchant", or his friends and family. Every turn of money, they can charge% commission and then transfer the money to the platform to specify the account. Improve the vigilance to avoid "part-time" to change the "help" police pointed out that some anchors were originally due to lack of legal awareness, I didn’t know that I left a criminal path.

  The police reminded that most of the network-related platforms have passed the small card, attached to advertisements, and recruiting an anchor in social software, acquiring, acquaintances, etc., to be vigilant. In addition, there are many "part-time information" on the Internet "to provide a collection of QR code, and easily sit and wait." "Provide your own payment QR code, it is likely to participate in a new amount of money laundering crimes, you must not be willing to send WeChat, Alipay payment code to others.

"Zhao Haiyang said. Tang Hao, director of the Guang’an Public Security Bureau, said that the current network crime will be more concealed, diversified, divided into the division chain is more strict, and the funds involved are particularly fast, the server is located overseas, cross-border cooperation, between criminal gangs With a variety of communication tools, it is difficult to investigate the police investigation and evidence. It is necessary to combat such a crime. The reporter discovered that the reporter found that in recent years, many online crimes hidden overseas The suspect belongs. (End).