2021 Prairie Monitoring and Evaluation of Prairie Monitoring in Barhiky

After adequate preparatory preparations, on August 7th, 2021 Prairie Monitoring and evaluation of the Prairie Monitoring and evaluation of the Urthart is officially launched.

This grassland monitoring and evaluation is an important part of the national forest grass ecological comprehensively monitoring and evaluation. In July this year, the forestry law of the autonomous region is dominated, the Inner Mongolia Forestry and Grassland Monitoring Plan will be implemented, and the project has more than 10,000 monitored samples. The 13 foreign industry monitoring teams were sent to complete this work, and the teams in the Allied counties were complementary, and social forces was supplemented.

Among them, the area of ??the Bayannoier, which was borne, was involved in more than 700 monitored samples in the region of the Montharto Ecology, located in the front flag of Ulat, Ulat Zhongqi, Urtangqi and Qixou County.

The main monitoring content includes grassland type grounding conditions, surface conditions, soil conditions, vegetation status investigation, and plant specimens collection, soil sample collection, etc., and obtain various indicators data, in time, in time, entry "Inner Mongolia Grassland Base Wat Monitoring Data Platform"

At the launching ceremony, Chen Feng, director of the National Nature Reserve Administration of the Forest Development Bureau, Bayanni, gave a flag, all monitoring members participated in the field training, and carefully learned the grassland ground monitoring content, indicators, technical requirements and operational processes. Strive to ensure the high-efficiency completion of the task at the end of August, let the survey results serve grassland protection, repair and reasonable utilization. (Lin Xiangyang) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.