2021 Chess Network Olympic Shenzhen Closing

  People’s Network Shenzhen September 18th (Wang Xing) Recently, 2021 International Chess Network Chess Olympic Group was closed in Shenzhen, Moscow University. In the past 1 month, a total of 1717 players from the world’s 155 teams, online games, more than 5,000 disks, after a four-week preliminaries, 8 teams advance to the elimination section.

In the Championship Finals, the Russian team defeated the US team and realized two consecutive crowns; the Chinese team, the Indian team third. "The 2021 National Elephant Network Olympics has been a complete success." Dwalcovich, Chairman of the International Chess, said online, "I have to express my gratitude to Shenzhen. I am very expected to come to Shenzhen again, communicate with all friends, and promote together The development of chess. "The Chairman of the China National Elephant Association was undertaken by 5 units in the Executive Party to issue a" Special Support Award "to recognize its efforts and contributions to this event.

  Wang Zhiqiang, deputy inspector of Shenzhen Cultural Radio, Television Tourism Sports Bureau, said that at present, Shenzhen sports people are working hard to seize the golden development period of "double district" "double district overlay", accelerate construction of international famous sports cities, focus on chess as representatives Intelligence sports to create a city of world intellectual movements. In this context, the success of the online national empirie, is a rare honor for the Shenzhen country elephant, and it is a rare opportunity. The Shenzhen team is the only team in this online country elephant, which is composed of Zeng Zeng, Yu Ruiyuan, Zhao Xue, Xu Tong, Xue Hao and Li Xinzhen. Everyone has passed through the road, and the results of the third district group 3 have entered the top area.

The Shenzhen team is more and more brave in the top B group, and the final list is 4th, which is equivalent to breaking into the 16th of the world. "On the world-oriented world-class stage of the online Olympics, the Shenzhen team debuted in black horse, amazing everyone, will enhance the popularity of Shenzhen chess, influence, and help Shenzhen to build international famous sports cities.

"Dean of Shenzhen Chess Institute Liu Shi Lan said.

  According to the Shenzhen Northern Moscow University, at present, Shenzhen Northern Moscow University is planning to build Chess Museums, collecting all era chess, classics, awards, medals, photography works, artwork, etc., plans to build it into Shenzhen Like a new landmark. The current online Olympics is hosted by the World Chess Federation, Shenzhen Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Bureau, Shenzhen Longgang District People’s Government, Shenzhen Northern Moscow University Joint Help, Shenzhen Chess Hospital, Longgang District Cultural Radio, TV Sports Bureau, Shenzhen Pengcheng Chess Club Co., Ltd. (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see client downloads.