Hezhou College held 2021 "Qing National Day, Love Home"

The students took a group photo.

In order to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of New China, the early morning of October 1, Hezhou College held 2021 "Qing National Day", "" "" The event site, the whole teacher and student collapse, singing the national anthem, the five-star red flag rose, and bless the motherland. Happy birthday.

Subsequently, the whole teachers and students sings "I and my motherland" and the Chinese communist youth group songs, together to wave the small red flag, let the ideal red balloons, the bright songs sound through the Hezhou College. "We have to firmly believe in belief, listen to party Chinese, feel the soul of the party, and create a strong spirit of strong people!" People who are always struggling! "" We must be pragmatic, strong bones, increased sorrow, thick and air, no era, not loaded with the people, not ending the party and the people! "All teachers and students under the flag The vow of the motherland permits youth. It is understood that this promotion of the national flag ceremony is one of the "Qing National Day", "Qing National Day", "During the National Day, the school also organized" blessing the motherland, ‘Yi’ to celebrate Shengshi Festival " Special message blessings (online), "Zhi Youth · For the family – 10,000 people to read a book" reading sharing, "Qing National Day, love home" short video collection and other activities, through the series of patriotic education activities, The patriotic feelings of the majority of teachers and students.

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