Hebei: Ice and Snow Character Industry Landing Talent Exchange Helps Winter Olympics

It is understood that the number of units of this talent exchange will be in the top five industries are commercial services, machinery manufacturing, ice and snow industries, information industry, construction projects.

The top five of the recruitment positions are sales, service staff, technical workers, engineers, administrative civilians.

There were more than 1,300 job seekers in the General Assembly, and the "2021 Hebei Winter Olymployed Industry Large Human Resources Network Job Fair", the period of the period, the first day of the event, the first day of the event, log in to the Hebei Talent Network and other online job seeking, The employer charges 33,716 resume resumes, and it is initially reached 11,362 employment intentions, and the initial employment intent rate is%.

Focusing on the current: Building a talent "智 库" multiple measures to help talents introduce the high-quality development needs of Winter Ice and Snow Industry and Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, this Talent Exchange will launch the famous Beijing-Tianfang headhunting company, Human Resources, participation, docking Some high-end talent demand positions, guide the development of medium and high-end talents, continue to create and expand the high-end talents of winter and snow industry. " As the "Hebei Ice Snow Sports Talent Training Base", Hebei Sports Institute strengthens cooperation with ice ribbon, and established the school-enterprise cooperation.

"At present, there are 35 ski sports teaching practical bases such as Winter Olympics Snow Project Main Societies. There are nearly a thousand students in winter to the snowfield, primary and secondary schools, training institutions and other units to carry out the training and professional internship. Combine the students to combine the theoretical knowledge and practice. Yang Wei, deputy director of the Personnel Department of Hebei Institute, said that this Talent Exchange will sign a contract with Zhangjiakou Chongli Great Wall Ou Xue Tourism Development Management Co., Ltd. can help Key companies and key projects grab opportunities in the decline of development problems, scientific and technological innovation research and development, and seize the opportunity.