Hebei Province, governor Xu Qin: Xiongan New District must become a sample and benchmark for high quality development

China Economic Weekly – Economic Network News (Reporter Zhang Yuxi) Xu Qin said that in the current three-phase overlay, transformation and upgrading, transformation and upgrading, climbing cards, the difficulties and obstacles that crack the development are high quality development. High quality development is a key cutlery in Hebei Province. At present, there are three major events in Hebei economic development: high-quality promotion of the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, high standard planning, and high-quality construction, high quality preparation 2022 Winter Olympics. Xu Qin said that it will plan the Xiongan New District with the world’s vision, international positioning and high starting point. In the future, it is necessary to build an ubacular quality, from Shenzhen’s speed to Xiongan quality, so that the construction of Xiongan New District has become a sample and benchmark for high-quality development, which leads the role to my country and Hebei’s high quality development. Xu Qin said. Win the initiative, building a strong economy and beautiful Hebei with high quality development, how to do it next step in Hebei? Xu Qin said: First, to lead high quality development with innovative drivers.

Innovation is the first motivation of high quality development. Hebei realizes high-quality development must create innovation in his hand, to create new products, new services, new markets, optimize existing supply structure, from improving technology innovation capabilities, technology Innovation ability, corporate innovation ability to deploy innovation work, connect 135, lay the foundation for the Way of 14 Five-Year Plan. Enhance the collaborative innovation of high quality development, pay close attention to technology innovation, industrial innovation, management and regional collaborative innovation, and create high quality development demonstration zones. Second, optimize the innovative system of high quality development, promote the reform of the scientific and technological system, including management methods reform, reform of research units, including the change in research power to mobilize the scientific research force, so that innovation entrepreneurship has become active requirements, let more research results form a reality Productivity, also hopes that such reforms promote the enhancement of scientific and technological vitality, and cultivate more technological rich people through reform.

Third, with high quality concept, it is necessary to win the future with high quality development, to achieve the future, insist on high quality concept, covering economic, cultural, urban construction and other aspects. Construction standard system, the fundamental requirements of high quality development are deeply involved in various fields, and high quality is won with high standards.

Leading high-quality development, comparing domestic and international standards, first to find gaps, support enterprises and research institutes to take the initiative and participation standards, and cultivate some enterprise advantages to form an advantage in standard, to create brands to promote high quality. Fourth, with good reputation to maintain high quality development, adhere to the various types of credit resources, adhere to the mechanism of joint discipline, and form new market opportunities with credit construction. Fifth, promote high quality development in transformation, in transition, speed up, speed up, and accelerate the construction of high quality industries. Hebei is implementing the new three-year action plan of the new production capacity, performing strict quality environmental standards, reversing the capacity enterprises, and makes up for the reduction in high quality increments.

Sixth, implement strategic emerging industrial technology, including the innovation of strategic emerging industries in ten areas of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, etc., making strategic emerging industries have become a new growth point in Hebei. Seventh, with the reform and opening up to accelerate high-quality development, reform is the strength of high-quality development, especially this year is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, high quality development is the best commemoration of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. Ear hundred Implementation, while grasping the governance of the water environment and soil environment, and make good pollution prevention and control.

Realizing high quality development is a process, it is impossible to be a good, it is necessary to have a force, tenacity, patience, and pay more, we need to take the initiative, attack hard, long time. Xu Qin said that the high quality is the essential path of the new era, high quality development is the will of my country from the manufacturing big country to manufacturing strong country, from the economic power to the economy, to build a new international competition, and adapt to the main contradiction changes.