Hebei: Use your heart to use your efforts to woven your livelihood

Sun Zhenguo, 69-year-old Siong Village, Dangyou Town, Yucheng District, and his son died in a car accident a few years ago, and the child was reorganized, leaving a small grandson Sun Mesiang, and the second is older. Life.

In January of this year, Sun Zhenguo took care of the fruit tree in his own home, and accidentally fell into serious injuries. After more than 5 months of treatment, it is only necessary to keep the life. So still in bed. Sun Zhenguo’s wife is old and sick, and it is unable to take care of Sun Zhenguo. It can only be taken care of by his daughter, and the son-in-law has no formal work, and the family life is difficult.

After the Civil Affairs Bureau of the Yucheng District, I immediately organized the household for verification, and the household was implemented in accordance with the temporary rescue policy, so that the household received a rescue fund in a timely manner, alleviating the family burden.

"These causes caused by illness, accidents and emergencies, etc.

"Jiang Chong Lei said.

Since the beginning of this year, Yucheng District has actively implemented the Notice of Hebei Province on issuance of the implementation of the implementation of the social assistance of rural special difficult groups, further streamlined the declaration, review, and approval procedures. For emergency, it is necessary to take immediate rescue measures. It is directly rescued by the township "first rescue, and post-approval". After the sudden relief is relieved, it will help "sudden, temporary" incident to fall into temporary difficulties. Family and individuals go out of trouble.

From January to September this year, the total amount of social assistance funds in the area of ??Yucheng, which implemented 1222, 1902 people, and issued temporary rescue gold, which effectively alleviated the difficult people’s temporary basic life. Since this year, the Hebei civil affairs department will strengthen special group care services to ensure that the social assistance policies such as low-cost, specialty, temporary rescue is in place as an important part of "I am doing practical things for the masses". Focus on the "hurry" problem, use your heart to protect the people’s livelihood.

All local civil affairs departments pay close attention to the production and living conditions of difficulties, organize grassroots personnel to strengthen the initiative discovery and daily monitoring, strengthen the lonely security, centralized investigation and rescue objects, and in time to meet the minimum living security, specialty rescue support, temporary rescue support .

"As of the end of August, the province of Hebei included more than 10,000 people, incorporated into the rescue of special difficult personnel, and implemented temporary rescue.

Yan Heng said. In addition to actively investigating, in addition to the promotion of the production and life of special groups, the civil affairs department of Hebei Province has also enhanced the fundamental life of the affected people.

Since this year, Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province has encountered two large flood disasters.

Among them, the continuous rainfall from July 20-22, which leads to the county. After the disaster occurred, Pingshan County Civil Affairs Bureau actively communicated with the Emergency Administration, and the property insurance company visited all 23 townships, completed 621 live investigation, identifying 43 households (60) collapsed housing, severely damaged the house 59 (59), generally damaged houses 201 households (201). The house is lost.

The civil affairs department directly implemented civil affairs temporary assistance.

"We implements a temporary rescue spare gold system, which is to dialing the temporary rescue funds to the township office, which is directly distributed by the township level to the disaster, due to illness or other reasons.

Recently, we dial to the township office to temporarily rescue a total of 2.92 million yuan, and only 250,000 yuan this year. As of the end of September 2021, our county issued a total of temporary rescue gold 10,000 yuan. "Chen Dongliang, director of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Pingshan County, said.

In addition to the rescue of the civil affairs department, Pingshan County also has a government leadership, the people’s livelihood of "one yuan people’s livelihood insurance" hosted by the Civil Affairs Bureau. After the natural disaster accident, the resident (or temporarily resignated the population) casualties and property losses, the insurance company pays compensation, avoiding the disaster poor, resolving the problem of people’s compensation. In addition, Pingshan County also has "five protection insurance", solving difficulties in troubled by the hospital for many years, the difficulty of nursing cost is difficult to solve; set up "anti-reflection insurance" to prevent the poverty in the poor Trapenters will not pay for medical expenses due to hospitalization. "Since the establishment of the ‘five protection insists in May 2019, the hospitality of the hospitality of the special difficult personnel in the county has been respected by 234 people, and the total compensation amount is 10,000 yuan.

‘Anti-Neopland Insurance’ involves 304 people from January to September this year.

"Chen Dongliang said. It is understood that the natural disaster has occurred in the province of Hebei Province, causing more than 230,000 people.

The civil affairs department at all levels strengthened communication and docking with the emergency management department. The masses who have emergency management department in the emergency management department have actively carried out rescue, and the province has been promoted, and the province is incorporated by 4 people in the disaster. It is worth 1 person; 647 temporary rescue, expenditure is more than 10,000 yuan. (Editor: Fanggan, Shijianzhong) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.