Great Wall sings "Youth China" Beijing Great Wall Concert

People’s Network Beijing October 4th (Reporter Houcun) National Large Symphony Orchestra, the commander of the world, the singing at home and abroad, "Beijing Yangge" "You are everything in my heart" "Tonight The classic classical songs such as people have been sleepless. During the National Day, an unique outdoor concert was staged at the foot of the Badaling, Beijing. On the evening of October 2nd, Beijing Music Corner Head Brands, published by Beijing International Music Industry, opened the Beijing Great Wall Concert at the Wangjing Cultural Square under the Badaling Great Wall. The three young singers jointly appeared, and the "Beijing Yangge" kicked off the "Youth China" concert. The new generation of "Opera Prince" Wang Kai, Youth Male Bao Yoko singer Cai Zheng, Youth Male Bao Yok Singhama Ma Jia jointly settled in stage, three young singer stamped, presented "I love Wuji Mountain, I love Wanquan River" for the audience Waiting for the classic sings of the different era of Chinese music, it also brought the "Western classic songs such as" no one in the night ", set off a climax of the scene. The special guests of the performance, famous lyrical gods, songs, opera performance artists, active in today’s world music, the outstanding Chinese singer Huang Ying, "Walking on the street", let the audience into the charm of vocal music.

Another special guest, once again, the first place in the Vienna International Opera Syno, the Pavarotti International Vocal Game Award, the US Music Foundation Singing Competition, the male high-profile singer Zhang Jianyi, with a "motherland The kind mother "singing the motherland, giving gifts for the motherland, blessing the motherland to prosper.

Two special guests with Wang Kai, Cai Ze, Ma Jia jointly interpreted classic tracks such as "drinking songs", and made a warm applause broke out.

In the end, all the singers debuted, chorful "I love you China" with the audience, and push the whole concert to the climax. The reporter learned that this concert with the theme of "singing classics, gift", collecting China’s top singer, player, on October 2nd to October 4th, 3 concerts giving gifts for the motherland 72 Let visitors and people in contact with elegant art.

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