Chengdu rectification heavy pollution weather warning traffic illegal plurality of tangle drivers

People’s Network Chengdu, January 18th (Li Ping Zha Zule) Recently, in accordance with autumn and winter traffic safety rectification 100-day battle action deployment, Chengdu traffic police combined with the traffic management measures during the warning of heavy pollution weather, unified deployment of large freight vehicles such as promotion trap Special rectification of traffic violations.

After the start of the plan, the Chengdu Traffic Police Liujie has set up a fixed checkpoint in Tianfu Avenue, Jiannan Avenue, Gongxian Road, Hongxing Road, South Extension, Xiyuan Avenue, etc. from January 15th. Strength, prohibiting the transportation of vehicles, constantly improving the management of the slagm car, and ensuring that the road traffic safety situation in the jurisdiction continues to be stable.

Some on-site remediation cases: case one: January 16, 202, 22:04, in the Chengdu High New West District Xixi Avenue checkpoint, Hoou driving license plate is Sichuan A · C *** 8 heavy semi-hanging tractor due to implementation machine The illegal act of violating the ban sign indicated by the law enforcement police. Subsequently, the police fined 100 yuan, and the driver’s license was fined 100 yuan in accordance with the "Road Law" provisions. Case 2: 22:40 on January 16, 2021, in the Chengdu Gaoxin South District Lizhou Avenue Checkout, Liu’s driving license plate is Chuan A · W *** 6 heavy self-unloading truck due to the implementation of the motor vehicle shape And the illegal act of the registered technical data is blocked by law enforcement police. Subsequently, the police fined 500 yuan for the illegal act of Liu Mou in accordance with the "Road Law" provisions.

Case 3: At 21:44 on January 16, 2021, the police saw the card inspection of the Chengdu Ring Expressway toll station, Deng Mou driving license plate is a BMW card small car to checkpoints in Chuan A · 0 *** 0 At the time, the police smelled the driver Deng’s smell, and he was exhaled alcohol.

After testing, Deng’s blood is 35mg / 100ml, belonging to the illegal act of driving a motor vehicle after drinking, and the driver Deng has no objection to the test results.

From 19:00 on the 15th to 7:00 am, the Chengdu Traffic Police Liujie took more than 500 yuan of freight vehicles such as Slag, cement tanker, and agricultural vehicles.

In the continuous rectification operation, it also seized three drops of driving motor vehicles. Chengdu Traffic Police Tip: At night, travel is more necessary to comply with traffic regulations, and invite the majority of traffic participants to abide by the road law and civilized travel.

Chengdu Traffic Police will continue to take strong road traffic management means and measures, strictly investigating traffic violations in the night, and fully maintain an orderly, safe road traffic environment.

(Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Bloomberg).