Ctrip Sunbo: Using Digital Technology to Improve the Service to build a new marketing development model

People’s Daily Online September 26 (Reporter Xuvina) "In the past two years, the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, the tourism industry has really changed, and our and partners are also in the adaptive stage. This stage, digital pair Our help is very big. "On the afternoon of the 26th, the Ctrip Group Executive Vice President, the Chief Market Guan Sunbo attended the" Wuzhen Summit of the World Internet Conference in the World Internet Conference "Entrepreneur Summit, the epidemic has brought deep changes to the tourism industry. Also put forward higher challenges on online tourism companies and merchants.

In the round table forum, Sun Bo said that under the impact of the epidemic, the Ctrip utilizes the digital technology to improve the service, build a new marketing development model, and help the strategic initiative and value of the new kinetic energy of tourism economic recovery. In terms of digital technology empowering tourism services, Sunbo mentioned that in the early 2020, the artificial customer service needs to face the pressure of 5 to 10 times exceeding the usual workload, the Ctrip Technology team is online user self-service unsubscribe, final Ctrip Air ticket subscriber self-service unsubscribe ratio reaches 90%.

The attempt of Ctrip in the digital direction is also used to help rehabilitation of tourist destination.

Sun Bo introduced that Jiangsu as an example, under "Content Marketing + Promotion Promotion", as of July 31, Ctrip has more than 33 million tourists in Jiangsu Province.

In addition, during the digital transformation process, Ctrip also uses technology to synchronize the partners downstream. It is understood that in March this year, Ctrip launched the "Rural Tourism Revitalization" strategy.

Since 6 months, three "degree fake farms" have been completed, and local labor resources have been completed.

Sun Bo introduced that Ctrip hopes to attract more social capital to participate in rural tourism construction, and hopes that it can play a demonstration role in the original tourism resources of the destination. Help the mouth and the dual tube. Reduce the gap between the rich and the poor of urban and rural areas. (Editor: Sun Hongli, Gao Lei) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.