Agricultural Bank "Bond City Bao" helps Hunan Provincial Government Bond Counter

People’s Network Changsha October 27 On October 26, the Hunan Provincial Government first sold 500 million yuan to government bonds through the commercial bank counter market. As the main underwriting bank of this sale, the Agricultural Bank Hunan Branch underwritten billion yuan, the opening of the city is only sold out, and the individual customer subscribes more than 70%, which is praised by the majority of investors. The sale is 2021 Huban Provincial Government General Bond (11th issue) 3-year accounting fixed interest rate: a total of 500 million yuan, and the bond fundraising fund is included in the government’s general public budget management. It will turn to the public welfare construction project.

The bond is issued by the Hunan Provincial Government, and is responsible for the benefits of principal and interest, high safety, low investment threshold, strong performance, exemption policy, investors can subscribe and transaction, start purchase and The increasing amount is 100 yuan, the local government bond interest acquired by the local government bonds, and VAT.

In order to ensure the smooth delivery of Hunan Provincial Government Bonds, the Agricultural Bank Hunan Branch attaches great importance to planning, up and down linkage, public-private linkage, and give full play to the brand advantage of farmland "bond market treasure", using multi-media resources inside and outside in advance Develop extensive publicity work to help customers familiarize with this Hunan debt information, purchase processes and channels.

At 10 o’clock in the morning, more than 800 outlets in the province, online banking and palm banks were sold at the same time, under the guidance of staff at all levels, only 20 minutes, 90 million yuan bond quota sold out, of which individual customer subscription quota The proportion is more than 70%, which promotes and promotes the sales work of Hunan Provincial Government Bonds.

Since the birth of the Bond Market in 2002, the Agricultural Bank has actively participated in the market construction, and strives to improve the Popular financial services capabilities, and focus on building quality counter-bond investment trading platform for personal customers and legal clients – "Bond Bao", currently farmers The bond market has been online booking national debt, policy bank financial debt, local government debt, etc. It is widely praised by customers.

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