Gongyi: Solid promote the economic development of high-quality industrial

The morning of March 6, 2021 Gongyi City industrial economic development of high-quality meeting. 2021, Gongyi City in Henan will county industrial economic security first, Jin national ranking, and the main index higher than the provincial average level of Zhengzhou City as the overarching goal to implement a new development concept, highlighting the innovation lead, pay close attention to the construction of the project, strengthen scientific and technological support to increase the effectiveness of investment, accelerate the construction of platforms, helping the city’s industrial economy to achieve in the first quarter "good start." In 2020, Gongyi industrial economy continued development of high-quality, large-scale industrial added value increased%, respectively, higher than the province, Zhengzhou City, and percent growth in industrial investment%, high-precision aluminum industry is growing, the average growth%. Investment billion yuan, up%.

2021 Gongyi will continue to expand the total size.

Scale industrial added value growth of around 9%; industrial investment growth of about 10%; the industrial economy accounted for the proportion of three industries remained at around 54%; three leading industries in the city’s industrial added value accounted for the proportion of large-scale industrial added value remained at around 72%. Rapidly improve the quality and efficiency.

New intelligence above the provincial level workshop 2, a green plant; industrial tax revenue accounted for the proportion of total tax revenues remain at about 55%; above-scale manufacturing mu revenue growth above 10%.

Vigorously enhance scientific and technological innovation capacity. New R & D platform above the provincial level 6; high-tech industries scale industrial added value accounted for the city’s large-scale industrial added value proportion remained at around 65%; R & D expenditure to GDP ratio of not less than%.

Mayor Zhang Donghui said, the relevant units should change their thinking and understanding, and enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency to promote the development of high-quality industrial economy, fully aware of the necessity and urgency of promoting high-quality industrial economic development.

To change the mode of development, and constantly improve the industrial economy of quality and efficiency, efforts to strengthen the scientific and technological innovation, promote green development, promote industrial agglomeration, to promote the project construction, speed up the achievement of quality change, efficiency change, power change, completion of the real economy, technological innovation, modern finance, joint development of modern industrial system of human resources.

To change work, to further strengthen the organization and leadership, service assurance, supervision and evaluation, to provide a strong guarantee for stronger industrial economy, and promote high-quality industrial economic development.

To accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, party secretary Yuan Juping requirements, the relevant units to promote the coordinated development of medium and small enterprises, focus efforts on "the large" and "small sterile" on speeding up "the US industry." To accelerate the digital energized, to develop the digital economy, accelerate the pace of digital, networked, intelligent pace.

To strengthen policy support guide, continuously improve the science and technology innovation, investment and other policy measures to raise awareness policy.

To continue to promote the "mu Heroes", continue to promote the comprehensive evaluation of the classification on the basis of industrial enterprises, to lay the policy portfolio, with good Forced mechanism, to take a comprehensive land, energy and other aspects of measures to accelerate corporate restructuring and upgrading. To support entrepreneurs build and develop the role of the entrepreneur, entrepreneurial support efforts to study ways to team building initiatives at the same time, make good use of Zhengzhou City, outstanding entrepreneurs and the city’s pilot program to enhance the quality of talents training opportunities, focus on training more outstanding young entrepreneurs. Innovation and development work on the well, Yuanju Ping stressed the need to carry forward the spirit of innovation, accurately grasp the law of development stage characteristics of scientific and technological innovation and technological innovation of the new era, sort out development, a clear development goals.

To establish innovative thinking, firmly establish innovative thinking, to grasp the characteristics of the work of scientific and technological innovation, promote elements of resources continue to gather; adhere to the enterprises as the mainstay, with talent as a fundamental to the platform as the carrier, to encourage enterprises and universities, research institutes to strengthen the depth of cooperation, increase R & D investment. To improve the innovation initiative, the city focus technological innovation shortcomings weaknesses and areas of focus, the introduction of a number of high-level personnel and personnel; to further improve the discovery and evaluation of talent, motivation, accelerate the establishment of a rational structure, tradition and orderly, vibrant and innovative talent. (Gongyi Municipal promote its section may be any feed) (Editor: Houlin Lin, Xu Chi).