Changsha Tianxin District Shuzi Street Street: Party Construction Integration and Promoting Old Reform, Five Projects Huizheng

The masses have entered into account for residents’ opinions.

The unit is for the map of Changsha, December 13, 20021, as one of Changsha Pilot Community, Tianxin District Shuzi Street Street Qingshan Temple Community officially launched old community renovation, 58 houses, 2512 households, 10,000 square meters Area incorporated into the transformation. How to strive for the support of the masses, successfully promote the project, strengthen the follow-up management, the party committee of the Qingshan Temple through the party building aggregate, fully mobilize the party members and the people to participate in enthusiasm, explore a set of collaborative autonomy and share the old community renovation model, "true" Change "People".

Party members demonstrate strong leadership, build the party committee of the "Junior Heart" project, take the lead in the grid party branch, with more than 40 backbone party members, set up the four masses of the Chinese dormitory area, Nansha Fika area, Dawu Bridge area, Qingshan Temple Square 4 Mass Work Team , Carry out the household visit, listen to suggestions, mediation contradiction disputes, strive to support cooperation, and strongly protect the development of old community transformation. The red flag woven factory is a house for two households, one of which is privately extended by residence, and built a room and a toilet.

Demolition, there are real difficulties, do not remove, affect the transformation planning, and the community is difficult.

Branch Secretary Liu Lilin led the work team, doing work every day, docking the community and the design party repeatedly polishing the modified design plan, and finally finalizing a solution that satisfies living needs and removing historical violations. Consulting the strong consensus, creating "harmonious" projects in order to achieve the public, the party committee of the Qingshan Temple community in 4 districts, established communities, mesh long, mass working groups, design parties, construction party one day, One week dispatch, the negotiation mechanism of the conclusions of up and down, the block combined, ensuring someone else, and some problems have people. In the end of the 1980s, the Chinese Hall Dormitory area, a total of 6 8-story dormitory, and the residents were mostly the original retirement cadres aged year, and they were very difficult to go upstairs.

In order to let the "vendor" can "down-to-earth", the Chinese dormitory district board joint grid power, party volunteers issued a questionnaire, held a hearing, and push the elevator installation.

In the face of the masses, the solution is not uniform, the funds are difficult, etc., as the original social retired old factory, the three parties of the party members Wu Guangqing as the main "player" and party volunteers visited, a family communication, publicity policy , Adjust the plan, find a way to solve the funding gap, the elevator is installed smoothly, and the elderly residents smiled. Clear responsibility and strong promotion, create a "quality" project Qingshan Semi community party commit to eliminate safety hazards, improve service functions, improve the establishment of the three categories of environmental quality, set up a job in accordance with the principle of "one investment does not leave regret", arrange special person 24-day live inspection While ensuring safety and civilization, the quality of the project is strictly related.

Synchronize the party member volunteers, enthusiastic residents, "Party Quality Supervision", "patrol" to understand the progress of the project every day, supervise the construction quality, safety construction, civilized construction of the project, and play the staff, the situation, the problem The advantage of clearing the construction process, the contradictions and problems in the construction process, racking the bridge directly communicating with the construction party and residents. Pay attention to the meaning of the color, the "practical" engineering old community transformation "is not only good, the key should be good", the hardware and software are complete, and the value and connotation are equal.

The renovation of the old community of Qingshan Temple Community passed the crack repair, road trimming, overhead line regular, pipe network transformation, etc. Parking space, let "limited space" release "unlimited possibilities". Strengthen the old community "humanistic connotation", Dawuqiao summer night, fireworks market, Nanxiajing landscape, fire red years, etc., to reshape human text, and awakens Changsha Memory. At the same time, in the case of government subsidies and resident payments, the professional property company is introduced to regional property management services, and realize the "extensive" to "Jingti" in the community property.

Improve people’s strong technical defense, create a "smart" project to effectively solve the problem of long-lasting management after the renovation of old communities, and the community party committee introduces the new model of intelligence to explore the new model of old community governance, and add video surveillance in public areas. Facilities, community set domestic waste classification smart room, unit set smart access control system, formation of civilized persuasion, garbage classification, contradiction, safety inspection Inspection, order service, combine "civil air defense, material defense, technical defense", realize the "difficult point" of the community to change "highlight", the community order "no chapter" is "order". (汤) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing let more people see client downloads.