2021 China’s top ten popular language release: Jianzhi Party 100 years, double reduction, etc.

[Abstract] The top ten popular languages ??released in this period: Jianchen, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, China Aerospace, Double Carbon, Vaccination, Decrease, Beijiao, "Qinglan" Action, Vaccine Assistance, Convention on Biological Diversity . On the 13th, the National Language Resource Monitoring and Research Center issued the top ten popers of Chinese media in 2021. The top ten popers released this time: Jianchen, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, China Aerospace, Double Carbon, Vaccination, Double Decrease, North During the exchange, "Qinglan" action, vaccine assistance, and Convention on Biological Diversity.

  In 2021, the Communist Party of China founded the party, the hundred years of journey is magnificent, and the first-year heart is a tenth day. China Space Play, "Double Carbon" goals lead high quality development. The establishment of the North Exchange will help SMEs "common wealth". "Double Reduction" Policy Helps to Construct a Good Ecology of Education. "Qing Lang" action creates a civilized and healthy network environment for the people.

In the context of the global anti-vulfors, my country has promoted vaccination, while providing vaccine assistance in developing countries, fulfilling China’s new crown vaccine as a global public product; the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games successfully held successfully, making the Olympic Sports Development Significant contribution.

The Fifteenth Conference of the Convention on the Convention on Biological Diversity is proposed that it is necessary to adhere to the concept of ecological civilization, and jointly build the Earth’s Life Community.

  "2021 Chinese Media Top Ten Popular Words" is based on national language resource monitoring language libraries, using language information processing technology, combined with artificial post-processing extraction, screening. The corpse comes from January 1 to 2021, 2021, in the end of November, the domestic mainstream newspapers, TV stations, radio, and 2 network portals, the corpus is more than 10 more words. According to CCTV Source:.