Black land is "green" (new journey new expectation)

Original title: The black land is "green" (new journey new look forward to the first spring) "Last year, there are many winds and rain, thanks to this place, there is no more affected, and there is no more affected, and there is more than 2 million yuan of pure profit." Li Shiping, Director Li Shiping. "The agricultural quality efficiency and competitiveness have improved, the modern rural industrial system is basically formed …" Li Shiping picked up the newspaper, giving everyone a section, "said these words on the Central Document, is a new goal." The disaster-to-waste is from people, high-yield stable production, as of 2020, Heilongjiang has built a high standard farmland over 80 million mu.

In 2020, the total number of food production in the province was 100 million kilograms, realized "17th Lian Feng". "Improve the quality of agricultural quality and competitiveness, and implement the" Tibetan grain in the ground "is the premise.

I have seen it from two aspects, one is to improve the land, and the other is green organic. "Yang Zhongsheng, director of the Birch County Agricultural Technology Promotion Center, said. Li Shiping said that the land is the life of farmers, I hope that the state will continue to implement the most stringent farmland protection system and high standard farmland construction projects, let black land more fertile.

"The two years have changed significantly.

In the past, I was inserted and put on the ground, stepped on the hard border slippery, and now I don’t have a foot neck, which is a cultivating layer. "In the first two years, the 4500 mu of cooperatives was included in the Northeast black land protection and use pilot project, straw smashing, supplemented, which is relaxed and enhanced, and the quality of cultivated land has improved a level.

  "Now, the black land is being ‘green’.

"Li Shiping said," The past production is chased by fertilizers, now 4500 acres of rice fields have green certification, all of which implement the soil-based formula fertilization.

Take a piece of catcher ‘, the acres of fertilizer is 53 pounds from 85 catties.

"The fertilizer is falling, and pesticides are also subtracted.

In the outdoor, Li Shiping raised his hand: "Tani is a ‘small lantern" is an anti-insect lamp, and then cooperate with rice fields. It does not have to spray inormy medicine. With the’ green ‘signboard, cooperative society Rice is sold in each pound.

"Since 2015, Heilongjiang has carried out reduced fertilizers, reduced pesticides, and reduces herbalists" three minus "actions, and the green organic food certification has more than 85 million mu.

  The affordable view of the land, Li Shiping has new expectations.

"There are still many farmers fear, afraid of investment, land old routines, affecting income and get rich.

It is hoped that the country increases typical demonstration and policy support, so that more people will get rich through growing.