Actively respond to climate change Tibet to strict control of greenhouse gas emissions

Original title: Actively respond to climate change Tibet, strict control of greenhouse gas emissions Tibet Autonomous Region officially released 2020 Tibet Autonomous Region Ecological Environment Status Publication Tibet, Tibet maintains zero introduction of high pollution, high energy consumption, high emissions industrial enterprises. Actively respond to climate change, strictly control the main pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. According to the deputy director of the Ecological Environment Department of Tibet Autonomous Region, the power head installed capacity of electricity in the whole district is 10,000. China National Grid Tibet Electric Power Co., Ltd. said to the China News Service, 2015 to 2020, Tibet has sent 65 billion kilowatts of clean electricity in Tibet, which is equivalent to 40,000 tons of coal from approximately 2.16 million tons, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions about 5.38 million tons.

  Tax Yanying said that Tibet has eliminated 463 coal-fired boilers.

The amount of fertilizer pesticide use has a negative growth. 2020 continued to build 14 new sewage treatment plants, 24 living waste landfills, urban urban, county, and above urban urban treasury treasury treasury treasury treasury treasury treasury treasury treasury treasury treasury treasury treated

  Tibet has fully promoted the construction of ecological safety barrier, and the total investment of 100 million yuan (RMB, the following) was implemented in the implementation of "Tibet Ecological Safety Barrier Protection and Construction Plan". Carry out greening actions, complete the afforestation, and the land of the land to control 10,000 acres. On the publication, in terms of atmospheric environment, in 2020, the environmental air quality of Lhasa has reached the secondary standard, and the number of excellent days is 100%, ranking second in 168 key cities in China. The remaining seasia, Shannan, Linzhi, Changdu, Naqu and Ali are all in the year, and the number of excellent days is more than 97%, including Linzhi, Changdu is 100%. Tax Yanying also introduced the treatment of medical waste wastewater in Tibet, since the epidemic of neighborhood.

She said that Tibet is currently built in 7 medical waste disposal centers, covering 7 years.

2020 implementation of special fund billions, used for the transformation of various disposal centers, realizing 100% of medical institutional facilities, environmental supervision services, medical waste water, effective collection of transportation and disposal of 100% implementation.

(Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren).