Cangzhou Multi-path simplified optimization public service process

  In recent years, Zhangzhou City has continuously optimizes public services, and the market body satisfaction is significantly improved. Cangzhou City continuously strengthens platform function, innovation launches the first "one window pass" public security comprehensive window in the province, and the masses can handle 165 businesses such as public security, traffic control, and entry and exit. Realize 295 "one thing" integration "package".

And vigorously promote taxation facilitation, further compress the tax time.

At present, the taxation time has been compressed to 100 hours, and the number of taxes is reduced to 4 times, and the main tax-related service matters are basically implemented.

  In terms of utility services such as hydropower and air heating, Cangzhou City is fully cleaned up to cancel water supply, power supply, gas supply, heating and other public enterprises and institutions unreasonable charges, materials and proofs, classified compression, water, gas business to handle time. Strict implementation of stage reducing enterprises’ electricity cost policy, since 2017, the city has accumulated a total of 10,000 yuan to reduce users with electricity cost. It is understood that the average time limit of the city’s government service matters has been compressed to a working day, and the average declaration material is streamlined to the part, realize the "full network" of the government service.

Up to now, Anhui Government Service Network Zhangzhou Division has accepted the application for thousands of people to apply for 10,000 pieces, and the cost of saving the masses is about 3.3 billion yuan. In addition, Cangzhou City has also continued to accelerate the "cross-provincial unite", sign a government service "cross-provincial" agreement with Shanghai Yangpu District, Zhejiang Taizhou, etc., accumulating 122 government service matters "cross-provincial" 119 government service matters long triangular anet, 2461 government service issues, high-frequency electronic license, driving license, driving license, etc.

(Liu Jingxia).