At the daily day, 40,000 steps he said, "The grassroots cadres must serve the masses."

  Zhang Jun started from the shopping mall in Jinhua Wanda Plaza to the grassroots work, Zhang Jun was prepared by "striking iron shoes". On November 11, Zhang Jun, 44, took a section of Jinhua Road.

His steps are very fast, wearing a red sleeve, four parties, from time to time to reply to work, and encounter no one to wear a mask, just before the good. Zhang Jun is director of the Community Governance Office of Donghu Sub-district Office in Jinjiang District. On November 2nd, it took that happened since the epidemic, his footsteps did not stop again … He said that he is just a general party member, doing some ordinary work, "grassroots cadres must serve the masses, ordinary people Doing a good venture, everyone will be a hero. "Emergency overnight, more than 40 entrance and Entrance Zhang Jun, who came to the Jinjiang District East Lake Sub-off Office, and the previous life has been related to the troops.

  The university is a clinical medicine, but also in the unit agency for many years, and has also participated in many major rescue action. These experiences allow Zhang Jun to react rapidly when they are in trouble.

  This is also true in the anti-vloal line.

  At 11 o’clock in November 2, a pass emergency call came: "Zhang Jun, a newzer’s life trajectory has Jinhua Wanda Plaza, you immediately notify the department to go to Jinhua Wanda Plaza to block the exit." Incoming is Street office secretary. It is not going to slowly, and he arranges people to inform the net whose groom, and rushed to the 5th door of Jinhua Wanda Plaza.

More than 30 netizers also arrived in 20 minutes. Zhang Jun has medical knowledge and is engaged in related epidemic prevention work in the troops. He is clear, as long as you can quickly control the flow of people in the relevant area, you can reduce the spread.

But doing a good job is not easy. There are more than 40 exports in Jinhua Wanda Plaza. In addition to the commercial areas, there are also a number of residential buildings, how to "seal" the "guard" people, become a challenge.

  "More than 30 mens, plus more than 30 city executives, every exit must be guilty!" This is not enough, a large number of shopping carts come from the mall supermarket.

"Plug in the entrance!" Zhang Jun still didn’t worry.

Although the entrance and exit "block" live, there are also underground parking entrances, and channels in adjacent cells.

"Be sure to check out!" He reminded everyone over and over again, and he kept in the scene. But the emergency is still inevitable.

"During the inspection process, several people want to slip out, we can only continue to persuade their emotions.

"That night, Zhang Jun was inspected up and down on the entire Jinhua Wanda Plaza, and he slept until

  Up to 20,000 steps "The grassroots cadres must serve the masses" On November 9th, Zhang Jun sent a friend circle. The map recorded in the map recorded in the next few days: November 2,000 steps, 11 More than 40,000 steps 3 months, November 6th is also nearly 40,000 steps … There are two office areas in the East Lake Street Office, and it takes about a few minutes from the distance. Zhang Jun has to go back and go back to several meetings in two office areas every day. In addition, it is necessary to go deep into various courtyard communities, along the street merchant store, building courtyard, etc., and do a good job in epidemic prevention. Which shop, which people need to focus on, he is in mind. On November 11, when the reporter saw Zhang Jun, he was walking in Jinhua Road.

On this day, he went to an old residence in the jurisdiction.

  In the past few days, in-depth community, supervision inspections, nucleic acid testing, environmental killed … Zhang Jun and many street staff have not taken a rest. He said that since the work of entering the grassroots, he is ready to "stroke the iron shoes". On November 8th, some of Jinjiang District conducted a free nucleic acid test. Zhang Jun has been busy for more than ten hours until 3 o’clock in the morning of the 9th.

Zhang Jun’s office drawer has been put in a medical neckhouse, "My cervical vertebrae is not very good, so she has been ready." And this has become a relaxation artifact when he is short-lived. In the grassroots level, there is more than 3 years, Zhang Jun believes that "grassroots cadres must serve the masses, and they must be patient. I will be very anxious when I encounter some tricky problems. At this time, I need to explain it over and over again. They put forward reasonable requirements, we must satisfy, let the masses feel that we are really interested in solving problems. "The husband is in front of the line" to do a good thing, everyone is the hero "this anti-vHealth, Zhang Jun’s wife Also fighting in front. The wife is an emergency doctor of a hospital. She wrote a war in the early years of outbreaks, I hope to go to Wuhan to immunity, but because two children in the family are still not approved.

There are two regrets. And this time, both the couple stood in front.

On November 2, when Zhang Jun went to Jinhua Wanda Plaza to perform the task, his wife was busy with the citizens who came to the hospital for nucleic acid detection.

These days, the two have become people who don’t have home. "This is also very good, you are doing your own affairs in your respective positions.

"Zhang Jun said, waiting for the epidemic, life will soon return to normal.

  On the evening of the 11th, Zhang Jun is the last left of the office.

The night is coming, the whole city neon light flashes, busy and peaceful … He remembers someone in the day to say that he is "ordinary hero." But he feels that he is just a general party member, do some ordinary work, "ordinary people do a good job, then everyone will be hero." (Chengdu Business News – Red Star Journalist Chen Qingyuan Photo Reporter Tao Wei) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing More people see.